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Thursday, September 29, 2022
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Marc-Antoine Jamet re-elected President of Cosmetic Valley


Meeting in the "Grand Amphi" of the University of Orléans, on June 29, in the heart of the competitiveness cluster, cosmetic valley's general meeting opened with the re-election to its presidency of Marc-Antoine Jamet, secretary general of the LVMH group, unanimously appointed by the directors for a new three-year term.

For his third term, the president of Cosmetic Valley will have the mission of promoting a national coordination of the French sector of cosmetic perfumery. Cosmetic Valley now federates 800 companies, including most of the major French groups and 80% of SMEs/ VSEs, representative of all French territories, Hexagonal regions such as those of overseas France, and of all the professions of the sector: ingredients, processes, packaging, tests, finished products, etc.

With a turnover of 45 billion euros and 246,000 jobs, Cosmetic Valley says it embodies the values of the "France brand" in terms of cosmetic perfumery: innovation, performance, product safety, respect for the environment, authenticity of ingredients. Driving a sector that brings France its second largest export balance and occupies a world leader position in an increasingly competitive market, Cosmetic Valley stresses that it has been able to create a real "industrial fabric" between large groups and SMEs, private and public actors, laboratories, universities and training institutions. The cluster has a strong European and international dimension and participates in various Community programmes. This ecosystem is the world's leading network for cosmetology research.

"I always feel the same pleasure in embodying our gathering with the public authorities, in the regions, in front of the central administrations, internationally," said Marc-Antoine Jamet. The trust that my peers continue to place in me is an inexhaustible source of pride for me. It seems to me that we have collectively made progress in strength and legitimacy, moved our issues forward together and diversified our actions. Of course, we still face many challenges. In particular, we will have to face the four major transitions, ecological, technological, economic and digital, which the health crisis has not created, but exacerbated. This year was therefore marked by our resistance and the manufacture of gel, by the resilience and the restart of our factories, our workshops. It must continue through our determined involvement in reviving growth and jobs in our country. Because we want, through concrete advances, to ensure our performance tomorrow, today we are adapting not only our tools – I am thinking of the 400 million euros of collaborative projects underway – but also our governance, with directors who reflect even more the diversity and wealth of our members. I expect them to participate actively, to commit themselves to being our ambassadors, to France and to the world. I am pleased that, in a period of decisive transitions, they wanted to renew their confidence in me for a new mandate at the head of Cosmetic Valley. »

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