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Thursday, September 29, 2022
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Groupe GM announces the relaunch of the Clarins line of hospitality products


The two companies worked together to rethink the famous hotel line, reinforcing their commitment to sustainability

Groupe GM, the international leader in hotel hospitality products, announces the relaunch of the Clarins hotel line, scented with the iconic Eau Dynamisante. Redesigned to better reflect Groupe GM's sustainability goals, this range of tailor-made products will be available worldwide thanks to Groupe GM's extensive distribution network.

It all started with a holistic view of beauty

It all started in the first Clarins Institute, rue Tronchet in Paris. It was in 1954 that Jacques Courtin-Clarins opened this pioneering establishment where he presented his holistic vision of beauty. In his mind, beauty, well-being and health are one. He encourages dialogue with his customers who, particularly satisfied with the tailor-made solutions offered in his institute, come in ever greater numbers to test the Clarins Method and the first 100% pure oils extracted from plants.

The results, both immediate and lasting, are there. And with them, success! This vision, influenced from the outset by the brand's founder, continues to inspire today's treatments, products and techniques. " I wanted to draw a link between medicine and beauty, between science and aesthetics," explains Jacques Courtin-Clarins, founder and president of the Clarins group.

The new and improved line

The new ecological hotel line Eau Dynamisante includes 100% recycled plastic bottles of 30 & 60 ml, including caps. The range consists of a Vitality Foaming Gel enriched with ginseng, a rejuvenating body milk enriched with hazelnut oil, a Vitality Shine Shampoo with ginseng and a Vitality Shine Conditioner infused with shea butter. All available in 30 & 60 ml formats.

The line also includes a hand gel and a Soft Hand Cleansing Gel with cotton almond. Both products are available in larger eco-friendly formats, such as the Ecopump. This 300 ml dispenser is 100% recycled plastic and is combined with bio-resin pumps.

Cream soaps enriched with shea butter complete the Clarins line of hospitality products. The soaps are RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil) certified and their white and red cardboard packaging is FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified.

All products in clarins' revamped line of hospitality products feature the signature Eau Dynamisante fragrance. Eau Dynamisante perfectly symbolizes the brand's expertise in the art of using the aromatic and sensory powers of essential oils. Emblematic and vitalizing Care Water, Energizing Water adds to the aromatic properties of essential oils the benefits of plant extracts to moisturize, revitalize and perfume the skin. Formulated from aromatic essential oils of citrus, patchouli, bitter orange, rosemary and white thyme, Eau Dynamisante provides a pleasant feeling of freshness, vitality and well-being. Its exhilarating, discreet but persistent scent revitalizes, beautifies the mood and revives energy.

The Clarins hospitality product line will introduce Ecofill, a new, larger, refillable packaging solution that will be available in the coming months. A patent-pending innovation of Groupe GM, it is the only eco-friendly, refillable and traceable dispenser equipped with sealed single-use pockets. It is a clean, safe, fast and easy solution with a reduced environmental impact. The 400 ml refillable pockets are made with only 8 g of recyclable plastic, and are easy to remove and replace.

The "Care About Earth" program

Thanks to eco-designed products and large-format dispensers, clarins' range of hospitality products is now fully in line with Groupe GM's "Care About Earth" program. Launched in 2018, the "Care About Earth" initiatives aim to strengthen the environmental and social actions of Groupe GM. The objective of the program is to reduce the environmental impact of the hotel sector. This program reflects Groupe GM's commitment to the sustainable development of its products, and the company's efforts to minimize their environmental impact.

Laurent Marchand, President of Groupe GM, said: "We are very pleased to rethink this popular line with our partner Clarins to bring it into line with the standards and convictions of our two companies. Groupe GM places innovation, quality and sustainability at the heart of the business and both companies share the same strong commitment to the environment. This range of hospitality products is in line with our "Care About Earth" program and we believe it is perfectly adapted to the needs of customers. We look forward to launching this new range of products in hotels around the world! »

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