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Monday February 6th, 2023
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A member of Cosmetic Valley, Alban Muller presents at "The Great Exhibition of the Made in France"

After a year 2019 marked by the renewal of its labeling and a record number of memberships (nearly a thousand members now), the celebration of its 25 years and the 5th edition of its Cosmetic 360 exhibition, dedicated to the innovation, the Cosmetic Valley competitiveness cluster begins the year with a great announcement. The anti-pollution cream imagined and manufactured by the company Alban Muller, one of its historical members, was selected to represent the department of Eure-et-Loir at the Élysée Palace as part of " The Great Exhibition of Made in France »Wanted by the President of the Republic, Emmanuel Macron.

Organized at the request of the Head of State, " The Great Exhibition of Made in France ”Aims to highlight 101 products, one per department of the metropolis and overseas, emblematic of French industry, nominated, among 1,750 candidate projects, by a jury of experts chaired by the secretary of State to the Minister of the Economy, Agnès Pannier-Runacher. The cosmetics industry, its VSEs, SMEs and large groups, are no strangers to the Minister since she had already made a point of chairing, in Bercy, last spring, the promotion of "Cosmetic Victories". », Prize that Cosmetic Valley awards to reward its best researchers. It is therefore with full knowledge of the facts that, with the jury of specialists who surrounded her, she chose this sector to represent a territory that embodies the excellence of an industrial basin and the richness of an economic fabric essential to the Center / Val-de-Loire region.

By choosing a company recognized for its industrial innovations, its cutting-edge research, its international notoriety, the jury wanted to promote, not only the commitment of the company Alban Muller for the authenticity and performance of its products, their eco-production and the security they provide to consumers, for its use of short circuits and the reduction of its carbon footprint, but also for its ability to create activity and jobs on a local scale. Based in the Center Val-de-Loire region, in the department of Eure-et-Loir, expert in natural beauty, the company Alban Muller, which has 84 employees, including 60 on the site of its headquarters in Fontenay-sur -Eure, is a perfect symbol, by its ecological and responsible approach, of this expertise and this excellence which characterize the pole.

“Thanks to the brilliant selection of the company Alban Muller, it is a winning duo which is distinguished. On the one hand, Eure-et-Loir, historic territory of Cosmetic Valley, of which Chartres, the capital, hosts the head office, and which has bet on cosmetics, not only by supporting its industry and its research for a long time. , but also by deciding to offer it, within a few months, a unique place, La Maison de la Cosmétique, which will be both a showcase of the heritage and know-how of the sector, incubator, meeting and training center . On the other hand, a company spearheading natural beauty Made in France, whose work and successes I salute. Its president Alban Muller, my predecessor at the head of the competitiveness cluster, was able to see, as a precursor, how much the Made in France, that is, the guarantee of performance, innovation, safety and durability that we offer to consumers around the world, was the cornerstone of our success. It is his will, his vista and his vision that are today rewarded. Finally, it is a huge satisfaction and a tremendous recognition, at the highest level of the State, for our cluster and its members, each of whose actions is aimed at a single objective: to promote French excellence in the perfume sector. and cosmetics, flagship of our economy, second largest exporter of our country's trade balance ”, commented Marc-Antoine Jamet, President of Cosmetic Valley.

A true anti-pollution shield, the day cream from the “Alban Muller, le Génie Botanique” brand is certified organic Cosmos and produced in Eure-et-Loir, in Fontenay-sur-Eure, in a factory with low environmental impact, in the heart of Cosmetic Valley. It illustrates the know-how of the company, already labeled EPV (living heritage company), member of Cosmetic Valley since the creation of the cluster. Alban Muller has been a recognized partner of the international cosmetics industry for 40 years. Renowned for its plant extracts as well as for its natural formulation ingredients, as well as for its ability to bring them together in exceptional formulas, white label or own label, the Alban Muller brand manufactures, following a unique energy-saving process, titrated and standardized plant extracts.

“The Great Exhibition of Made in France”, inaugurated by the President of the Republic Emmanuel Macron on January 17, will be open to the public and free on January 18 and 19, 2020.

Alban Muller will give an interview to Industries Cosmétiques on the occasion of the opening of the exhibition.

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