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Natural biopeptides for an anti-aging effect

Composed of natural biopeptides purified to 95 %, obtained from the co-product of a super-fruit, the cranberry, Peptilium is, according to Silab, a global anti-aging active ingredient. Long-lasting and effective, it boosts radiance and diminishes fine lines and wrinkles.

Targeting all three skin compartments

Thanks to their richness and molecular diversity, the natural biopeptides making up Peptilium have the ability to act across several biological targets. The active ingredient thus acts on various skin compartments:

- reinforces the epidermal barrier function and boosts the complexion's radiance [1] ;

- it improves the quality of the dermal-epidermal junction and the dermal matrix, for an anti-wrinkle action [2] .

A targeted transcriptomic analysis carried out by Silab showed that, out of 34 genes involved in skin homeostasis, 76 % are deregulated during aging. Thanks to Peptilium , the expression of 81% of these deregulated genes is normalized.

Radiance booster and anti-wrinkle

As early as 21 days after application, Peptilium tested at 2 % in emulsion significantly improved parameters characteristic of complexion radiance in Caucasian (radiance: +12%; pink color: +17%) and Asian (luminosity: +6%; olive color: -5%) subjects.

Under the same conditions, Peptilium showed an anti-wrinkle effect on Caucasian (negative volume: -22%) and Asian (crow's feet wrinkle stage: -10%) volunteers. These radiance-boosting and anti-wrinkle effects intensified after 42 days of treatment, and were confirmed by a subjective evaluation: 100% of Caucasian and Asian volunteers felt that their fine lines and wrinkles had been reduced.

A comparative study conducted by Silab also shows that Peptilium is more intensely and rapidly effective than retinol, while being free of side effects.

Upcycling approach

Silab has turned its attention to a super-fruit, the cranberry (Vaccinium macrocarpon). Used in traditional Amerindian medicine, this small red berry native to North America is now considered a health food worldwide.

As part of an upcycling approach, Silab has specifically selected one of its co-products, cranberry cake, for its high molecular potential. The company chose a supplier committed to cranberry practices (Vaccinium macrocarpon) sustainable development and has developed a specific in-house eco-extraction process to produce purified natural biopeptides at 95 %.

Peptilium (Vaccinium macrocarpon (Cranberry) Fruit Extract) is a patented product available in aqueous solution (recommended dose: 0.5 to 2 %). This active ingredient has a natural origin content of 99 % (ISO 16128) and complies with international cosmetics regulations (Europe, USA, China, Japan, etc.).

[1] Tested at 0.5% on aged SILABSKIN ® RE reconstructed epidermis, Peptilium significantly restores proliferation (Ki-67 synthesis: +86 %) and keratinocyte differentiation (loricrin synthesis: +49%), two processes essential for barrier function renewal.

[2] Tested at 0.1% on aged fibroblasts, Peptilium significantly increases collagen I network production by 54%, thus helping to maintain functional organization of matrix fibers.

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