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Nature's "superpowers" in a bottle

TechnicoFlor, a French perfume composition house, launches an original collection of six fragrances on the theme of biomimicry. These fragrances for six different applications were previewed at in-Cosmetics Global Paris from April 16 to 18, 2024.

Biomimicry means observing nature and drawing inspiration from the way it works to invent new, sustainable technologies. TechnicoFlor's aim is to be in better harmony with the environment and responsible in the long term. A challenge that the company has chosen to take up this year with a "Super Nature" collection, which pays tribute to flora and fauna.

Olfactory illustrations of nature's "superpowers

Perfumers Bérengère Bourgarel, Vincent Ricord, Jérémy Sabater, Félix Deschamps and Romain Keller have created eco-designed* fragrances with the ambition of illustrating the magic of nature. Each of the six fragrances is associated with one of nature's "superpowers".

One of these "superpowers": storing water. Oasis Splash, created by Bérengère Bourgarel, is a fragrance with green, fruity and aquatic notes. "Naturally bursting with water, aloe vera is a succulent plant that adapts very well to arid environments devoid of water. I therefore imagined this Cosmos 100% fragrance of natural origin as a source of hydration, like a veritable oasis in the middle of the desert! An aloe vera juice combined with a cocktail of water fruits, coconut water and cucumber. All boosted by aromatic notes for freshness!"explains Bérengère Bourgarel.

The "superpower" of attraction, another power of nature, is highlighted by Wild Attraction created by Vincent Ricord, a fragrance with floral, fruity and gourmand notes. "In nature, plants and animals give off substances and scents to attract partners and prey, repel predators and attract pollinating insects. So I imagined the irresistible nectar of Buddleia, nicknamed the butterfly tree, which gives off a sweet coconut scent to attract foraging insects: a bouquet of sensual white flowers married with coconut and a touch of honey, dressed in a bewitching musky woody base".says the perfumer.

Jungle Illusion, a creation by Jérémy Sabater, is a composition with fruity, leathery and ferny notes that aims to highlight the "superpower" of nature's illusion. "King of camouflage and adaptation, the chameleon has the ability to naturally modify the color of its pigment cells according to its emotions. I've imagined a note that's as masculine as it is feminine, with its powerful neo-classical fougère structure embellished with gourmand red fruits and powdery notes. Not forgetting an animalic leathery base, reminiscent of wild reptile skin...".says Jérémy Sabater.

A fragrance with woody, floral and marine notes that evokes the "superpower" of mother-of-pearl. "As well as being one of nature's jewels, abalone mother-of-pearl is an extremely hard-wearing shell. Its unique iridescent color comes from the carotenoids present in its structure. The powerful, tenacious note I've created, composed of 90% of ingredients of natural origin according to the ISO16128 standard, is an interpretation of mother-of-pearl with its amber mineral facets on a pink iris floral heart, lulled by marine accords!"says Félix Deschamps, the man behind Wonder Nacre.

An olfactory illustration of the "superpower" of thermoregulation: a composition with floral, green and aromatic notes. "The magnificent Morpho Butterfly is able to regulate its body temperature through photosynthesis. My inspiration came from its incredible thermoregulatory capacity. A true olfactory contrast between warm and fresh notes, this fragrance would have the power to refresh the skin on hot summer days, both fresh with its aromatic-icymarine notes and addictive with its floral-powdery-green and water fruit heart, like a shot of vitaminized freshness!"says Romain Keller of the Polar Sun fragrance.

Finally, the "superpower" of bioluminescence is illustrated by Ultraviolet, a fragrance with green, floral and aromatic notes. "Bioluminescence is an extraordinary phenomenon in marine animals, insects and plants, which naturally produce and emit light. So we imagined a perfume ink that would become visible, like a scented UV tattoo. We created a powdery floral accord, enhanced by luminous green facets of violet leaf and rhubarb, and nuanced at the base by a gourmand woody-moss accord".says Jérémy Sabater and Bérengère Bourgarel, the company's founders.

Multiple applications

An application was associated with each of the six fragrances created: a 3-in-1 oil (face, body and hair) for Oasis Splash; an eau de toilette for Wild Attraction; a body cream for Jungle Illusion; a shampoo for Wonder Nacre; a sun cream for Polar Sun and a tattoo / scented phosphorescent ink for Ultraviolet.

At in-Cosmetics Global, visitors to the show were able to plunge into the heart of a bioluminescent forest, revealing the contours of the Ultraviolet tattoo in a captivating jungle atmosphere!

*Fragrances rated A or B according to Florindex (TechnicoFlor tool for measuring the environmental and social impact of fragrance formulas at every stage of the development cycle).

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