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New Luxury Awards: 4th edition open to public spaces

For its fourth edition, the New Luxury Awards are inviting public spaces - hotels, spas, museums and shops - to take part.

Organized by the International Perfume Foundation, the New Luxury Awards are presented annually to stimulate creativity in fragrances and packaging, embracing the new luxury code as a sustainability standard for authenticity, integrity and transparency.

This competition also aims to create and empower emerging brands, new perfumers, new designers and perfumery/packaging students and make this industry a leader in sustainability.

To enter the competition, perfumers must comply with the new luxury code, and the fragrance must meet the International Perfume Foundation's sustainability standards for certification.

Public spaces invited to participate

In public spaces, scents are used to differentiate brand signatures, to create wellness spaces or to create multi-sensory experiences, such as the smell of a painting in a museum or a play in a theater.

Whether a trend in olfactory marketing or the DNA of a store or hotel, home fragrances are increasingly present in our lives and our environment.

That's why public spaces have been added to fragrances and packaging for this fourth edition of the New Luxury Awards.

"When you walk into a perfumery, you choose your fragrance, but when you walk into a hotel or a fashion store, you have no choice but to breathe in the perfume.says Creezy Courtoy, founder and president of the International Perfume Foundation.

Breathing in perfume carries air and fragrance through the body, blood and organs, with the air you breathe being absorbed faster than any medicine you'd swallow.

Rewarding perfumed places for having an olfactory marketing or distribution DNA created by a perfumer respecting the new luxury code will encourage change towards greater sustainability.

Follow the new luxury code

The new code of luxury is a code of respect for sustainability and the start of a new economy.

  • Self-respect
  • Respect for health
  • Respect for the Earth
  • Respect for air and water
  • Respect for the environment
  • Respect for transparency and product quality
  • Respect for the human, animal and plant kingdoms
  • Products made from natural resources
  • Products as works of art
  • Products manufactured as works of art
  • Truth in advertising
  • Respect for cultural heritage
  • Respecting communities

The jury is made up of world-renowned experts, certified natural perfumers, designers and personalities from the perfume and packaging industry.

The competition is open to :

  • Fragrance brands
  • Cosmetics brands
  • Candle brands
  • Brands for spas, stores, hotels, museums (scented areas)
  • Perfumers
  • Perfumery school graduates
  • Perfumery students
  • Packaging designers
  • Packaging suppliers
  • Packaging school graduates
  • Packaging students

The New Luxury Awards 2023 will be held in Athens, Greece, on Friday, October 20, 2023.

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