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Opening of the online consultation of the general statements of the perfume-cosmetic sector

The consultation of the general statements of the perfume-cosmetics sector opened on June 1, 2020. According to Cosmetic Valley, the period we are going through is unprecedented and constitutes a unique opportunity to finally take the time to reflect in depth on the issues and the future of the sector.

At the initiative of Cosmetic Valley, these States General are part of a desire for collective dynamics in order to bring together all the players in the national ecosystem. “The Covid-19 pandemic will have caused an unprecedented crisis for the sector's economy and raised many questions. The post-Covid-19 period requires, for its part, to provide answers to these multiple questions, to set concrete milestones and to imagine new models, ” says one within the cluster.

The consultation of the general states of the perfume-cosmetics sector is based on a steering committee representative of the national ecosystem. To this end, it is made up of Febea, Cnep, Cnrs, DGE, and brings together SMEs, groups, universities or training organizations. Online and participatory, the consultation aims to collect everyone's proposals and is aimed at the sector's ecosystem in its diversity: manufacturers, entrepreneurs, researchers, teachers or students.

“From raw materials to distribution, including formulation, production and packaging, all companies in the sector are directly concerned. In this essential and common reflection, each voice matters, we emphasize at Cosmetic Valley. More than ever, the lessons to be drawn from an exceptional crisis require us to think collectively. This reflection will have to take into account issues as varied as environmental challenges, changes in consumers or changes in supply chains. It will also be an opportunity to question “ Made in France ”, the relationship to work or the modernization of production tools. "

In order to implement the consultation of the general statements of the perfume-cosmetics sector and to collect everyone's proposals, the platform https://eg2020.cosmetic-valley.com/ was designed and is now accessible online. Through an anonymous questionnaire, contributions relate to around ten themes: business financing, marketing, sales, export, innovation, regulations, production, supply, purchasing, human resources, quality, health and safety and the environment. All contributions will be the subject of a final report of the general states, sent to all participants.

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