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[book] All about cosmetics

This book is the first in a collection that caters to as many people as possible and offers practical and educational content. Written by Céline Couteau and Laurence Coiffard, both professors of cosmetology (University of Nantes) and experts for the Industries Cosmétiquesmagazine, chose humour to share their knowledge and make the most difficult chemical concepts accessible to as many people as possible.

Thanks to clear explanations, the reader is introduced to the galenic to be able to choose his hand gel, his shower product, his moisturizer, the products intended for his baby in full knowledge of the facts. In this century where information is flowing in all directions, where many ingredients are wrongly singled out, where we are offered homemade recipes, the authors shed real light based on scientific studies. They answer questions as diverse as: "Aluminum salts: what to think about them?" "Or" Should we be afraid of UV filters? "Or" Home recipes: what to think about them? "( Spoiler :" that's bad! ")

This illustrated book lists the cosmetics recommended by the authors. Are you looking for a deodorant? They direct you to “very mild deodorant with white althea Klorane” or “Monoprix organic deodorant” or even “Sanex dermo-protector stick”

136 pages
16 x 24 cm
14,90 €
ISSN : 78-2-492446-00-9

Editions 1healthmedia, well-being & health collection

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