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Friday, July 1, 2022
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Ozalys: certified products for pregnant and lactating women


Ozalys, a brand committed to women's health, certifies the safety of its range. Relying on its expertise – offering products for vulnerable women, it continues its development and validates its range in pregnant and lactating women.

A new commitment to public health

As we know, the environment in which we live, our diet, pollution, have impacts on our health. For pregnant women, it is essential to protect themselves, and to protect the health of their baby... Aware of the risks, many pregnant women are (still) more attentive to the cosmetic products they use.

In reality, few women know that the regulations do not require to validate the safety of cosmetic products in pregnant women, unless the use is claimed...

So how to sort it out? How to identify essential oils, phytoestrogens to avoid? How to track down ingredients, natural or not, suspected of being dangerous to health, interacting with the hormonal system and/or crossing the placental barrier?

Ozalys now affixes a "pregnant woman" logo to all its products, certifying the safety of its range during pregnancy, a period of vulnerability to many substances.

" Designed for women weakened by the disease, we naturally continue our commitment to women's health. Our expertise and high-design formulations have allowed us to certify our hygiene and moisturizing care for pregnant and lactating women. With this certification, we are proud to be able to offer daily care to women at key stages of their lives," explains Isabelle Guyomarch, founder of Laboratoire Ozalys.

Innovation at the service of beauty: a unique and innovative formulation charter

With a formulation charter excluding substances that can interact with the hormonal system and photo-sensitizing ingredients, Ozalys intends to become the ally of women, for life!

Ozalys' formulation charter goes beyond regulations, and tracks phthalates, plasticizers and heavy metals even in the container-content interaction.

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