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Packaging: the magic of wood

The wood experts at international beauty packaging manufacturer and supplier Quadpack have created an inspiring collection of finishes to match the latest beauty trends and help brands express their identity. 

Pushing back the boundaries of decoration, their know-how reveals the many faces of wood, from aspects that highlight its natural origins to bold, elegant finishes that hide them. 

With Mermaid Core, the aim is to plunge into the mysteries of the deep with aquatic, pearly hues. According to Quadpack, "Aligned with the blue trend in beauty products inspired by the marine world, Mermaid Core gives wood a fairytale feel that enchants and lifts the spirits."

Paradise in Dystopia invites fantasy and reality to meet in a fusion of light, shadow and illusion. According to Quadpack, these color finishes defend a protopia-like vision, where life gets a little better every day, brutal and optimistic at the same time.

Wood takes on an understated look with Quiet Luxury. Maple is enriched with finishes to create a look of refined elegance, but without the natural aesthetics of wood. Matte or glossy, black or white, it's wood, but it doesn't show.

Opulent Luxury: wood is dressed in glittery shades, metallic and extravagant finishes that attract attention - an ideal solution for brands targeting young, confident consumers who like to enjoy life to the full, according to Quadpack. 

For those who appreciate the timeless beauty of nature, wood can be treated to bring out the natural grain, for a sleek, elegant look. This is what Wood & Only offers, with a different pattern on each piece.

Basic Primaries offers geometric blocks dyed in primary colors, "perfect for brands that love whimsy, boldness and vivacity, with universal appeal to the young - and the not-so-young."says Quadpack. 

Danish Pastels: a pastel color palette is applied to a retro yet modern design to express pure Scandinavian sophistication. Pastel wood accessories add a soft, delicate touch to the clear glass.

"Together, these products reveal how certified wood is as versatile as it is responsible, capable of evoking emotions and engaging the senses, while respecting the natural world."Quadpack emphasizes.

All finishes are carried out in the Quadpack Wood factory in Spain, on different types of wood. Quadpack experts can even imitate the look of exotic species like wenge from common species like ash, but without the complexities of certification, sourcing, cost and carbon footprint. The wood used comes from certified, sustainably managed forests. The material is safe and non-toxic, even after conversion and finishing*.

Quadpack Wood runs on renewable energy, while a biomass power plant converts production waste into fuel for temperature control systems and wood drying kilns. Industry 4.0 further enhances the site's energy efficiency by using real-time data from state-of-the-art CNC milling machines.

*Accredited by ecotoxicity tests carried out at the ITENE Research Center, in compliance with the criteria defined in EN 13432-2001 Annex E amending OECD 208:2006.

Photo : Quiet Luxury

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