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Friday August 12th, 2022
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Basket of the senses: a range for men


It was in 2001, in the heart of Provence, that Panier des Sens was born. Inspired by Mediterranean ingredients and know-how, the brand uses the best of its region to develop natural, simple and authentic products. Dedicated to men, these universal all-in-one facial and body treatments are composed of 96% to 100% natural ingredients. Tested under dermatological control, they combine the moisturizing and restorative power of organic olive oil from Provence with a unique complex of active ingredients to combine naturalness and efficiency.

On the packaging side, the brand also puts the package on recycled packaging, without sacrificing the perceived quality and high-end positioning of the brand. Bestsellers' packaging such as 500 ml liquid soaps or 75 ml hand creams become 100% recycled. The brand announces the use of nearly 13 tons of recycled virgin plastic and 78% recycled alumunium.

But on the use side, do we find all these promises in the products?

Packaging is a real success. Nothing too much. Nor low-end. The black and gold aesthetic and the "antique" side of the products affirm that the target is male. And chic.

On the product side, we were able to test a moisturizer that achieves a faultless. The quality of hydration is sufficient. The application is fluid. The delicate scent makes it possible to wear a perfume in addition to the cream. A real success composed in particular of olive oil and ingredients extracted from prickly pear trees.

We also tested the natural deodorant. Here again, packaging commits the brand to a qualitative path. The application is very fluid also thanks to an efficient roll-on. The formula is composed of olive oil, prickly pear extract, bamboo powder and bisabolol to soothe sensitive skin. But efficiency? This is where this natural deodorant shows its weaknesses. The application is very nice, the feeling of immediate freshness. But does not last long. And the product quickly faded to no longer be effective at all. To be reserved for calm situations ...


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