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PAT Group wins EcoVadis Gold Medal for its CSR approach

The PAT Group has chosen to evaluate its CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) performance with EvoVadis from 2021. After winning bronze in 2021 and silver in 2022, the group has just been awarded gold.

"CSR has been a fundamental pillar of PAT's identity since its creation. The PAT Group is fully committed to an innovative and sustainable approach, using production methods focused on preserving plants and the environment, and deploying a social and managerial policy that fosters dynamism, commitment and team performance."the company says.

The company is now one of the top 5 % best-performing CSR companies in its sector, as assessed by EcoVadis. Its overall score has risen by 38 % in two years - to 72/100 - earning it the Gold Medal.

A CSR policy incorporating a comprehensive environmental pillar in line with Ecovadis criteria, the implementation of concrete actions to reduce the environmental impact of its activities, such as the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions or waste management, and the setting up of an environmental reporting system to monitor progress made, make up the environmental component for which PAT has made significant progress, improving its score by 60 % in two years, from 50 to 80 out of 100.

In the social sphere, the Group maintained a score of 70 out of 100, with measures in favor of employee health and safety and skills development. 

Responsible purchasing also saw its score rise from 50 to 70 out of 100, thanks in particular to its policy of sourcing plant genetic resources for R&D. 

Strong, lasting commitments

PAT's CSR commitments go beyond EcoVadis requirements. They also apply to development, production and the products we offer.

In terms of production, PAT has always favored biocontrol and the use of natural products to combat insects and disease. Three years ago, the group was awarded the Haute Valeur Environnementale (HVE) label, attesting to the environmental performance of its farms.

In the area of development, the Group takes its initiatives one step further. Biodiversity protection is now an integral part of our product development strategy and our acquisition of genetic resources. 

On the supply side, the PAT Group is a member of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO), an association that promotes the production of sustainable palm oil. PAT contributes to this approach by certifying seven of its products RSPO MB (Mass balance) since March 2023.

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