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Philippine Courtière joins Fine Fragrance Symrise

To strengthen its team of perfumers in Dubai, Symrise Fine Fragrance is proud to announce the arrival of Philippine Courtière as Senior Perfumer.
Born in Paris, Philippine Courtière grew up in what she considers the most beautiful city in the world, in the Champ de Mars district, where the gardens of the Eiffel Tower were her playground. While her earliest olfactory memories take her back to Switzerland on mountain vacations, with the scents of moss and dried heather, or the lavender in the garden of her parents' family home in Normandy near Cabourg, her nose for perfumes goes back to her earliest years. "I remember smelling the perfume samples my parents would bring home in the evening to evaluate. Indeed, his father was president of Givenchy Couture et Parfums for many years, and his mother developed fragrances for Escada. And let's not forget her grandfather, Jacques Rouët, commercial director of the House of Dior from 1946, alongside designer Christian Dior and investor Marcel Boussac. The man she affectionately calls Papi Jacques passed on to her the values of rigor and loyalty, as well as his experience of luxury and firm determination to make her dreams come true.

After graduating from the prestigious Nanterre University in Paris with a Master's degree in French and Spanish law, she found it hard to resist the magnetism of her upbringing. Her head and heart naturally turned to perfumes. As her grandfather used to say to her when she was young: "The key to success is to find your passion, believe in yourself and work hard." And so it was that perfumery came into play, with her first internships at Takasago (2007) and Robertet (2008), joining the Firmenich perfumery school in 2009 before being appointed perfumer in 2014.

Sometimes figurative, always legible, her creative style is clear and easy to understand. Philippine likes to work in blocks that she puts under tension, with unexpected duos of ingredients, captives combined with beautiful qualities of natural materials. Her credo is to tell stories that take you on an olfactory journey to a faraway land, a novel or even back in time.
Today, the adventure continues at Symrise Fine Fragrance as a senior perfumer.

"We are delighted to welcome Philippine Courtière as Senior Perfumer. She is one of the most talented perfumers of her generation. Her strong expertise in the art of perfumery in the Middle East, combined with her personal and professional love for France, allows her to illustrate herself with a creativity that breathes new energy by combining the desires of these two important markets for Symrise, all in the service of a contemporary and unifying signature." Véronique Ferval, Vice President Creation Symrise Fine Fragrance.

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