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PhytAura by Crodarom restores the skin balance

Modern lifestyles, the many upheavals caused by climate change and recent health events, as well as the use of inappropriate cosmetic products, are causing increasing concern for skin conditions, including sensitive skin. The latter compromises the vital function of the dermal barrier. The skin's homeostasis is unbalanced, and the body no longer plays its role as a protective shield against external aggressions, which leads to more irritation and discomfort.
Chinese consumers have difficulty finding beauty products that reduce skin discomfort and meet their specific expectations: scientifically tested, natural, dedicated to Asian skin and based on traditional Chinese medicine.
This belief relies on the vital energy of the body to connect all organs and maintain a person's spiritual, emotional and physical health. An unbalanced body will lead to skin problems. To treat sensitive skin, Traditional Chinese Medicine advocates stimulating the body's own repair mechanisms with herbal remedies that combine several herbs.

PhytAura is the ideal active ingredient to naturally restore the balance of the skin barrier, and the perfect example of ancestral wisdom enhanced by modern science: this remedy with 4 herbs in synergy is based on the prescriptions of traditional Chinese medicine found in ancient texts and manufactured according to an optimized process.

Composition and characteristics

PhytAura is a mixture of 4 plants extracted from Jujube fruit, Skullcap root, White Peony root and Liquonce root, in glycerine and water. The 4 plants are native to China. An extract of natural origin at 99.4% according to IS016128, quantified in sugars and Baicalin.

Active molecules / Associated properties :
Sugars: Moisturizing, soothing
Polyphenols: Soothing, antioxidant
Organic acids: Antibacterial, astringent
Minerals : Remineralizing, regenerating

PhytAura is a high performance active ingredient with proven efficacy: soothes the skin by reducing redness and the release of pro-inflammatory mediators, maintains skin hydration by decreasing water loss and increasing the release of HA, protects the skin against oxidative stress caused by ROS, strengthens the skin through its role in the production of essential compounds, and by reducing MMP1 expression and glycation.

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