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Monday, November 28, 2022
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Pierre Fabre reorganizes his production

Pierre Fabre re-expands its industrial footprint in the East Loiret and proposes to the 46 employees of its Château-Renard site to join that of Gien, the group's main pharmaceutical production site.

Faced with a structural sub-activity of its site in Château-Renard (Loiret), the Pierre Fabre group presented on 21 July morning to the representatives of the site's staff, a project to transfer the activity and staff.

A tube sample conditioning activity that is no longer a priority

The Château-Renard site exclusively conditions care tubes for the Eau Thermale Avène brand, 50% of which are in the form of sample tubes. Since the production of these samples has been reduced by three since 2017, the site's capacity is now only used to the tune of 45%. The sample tubes are indeed voluntarily replaced by sachets that have the advantage of being better adapted to the needs of consumers and e-commerce for increasingly lighter and compact formats.

A job offer in Gien for the 46 employees of the site

Mobility on the nearby pharmaceutical site of Gien, located 40 kilometers away, is offered to all employees. Internal mobility positions will also be opened at other group sites for employees wishing to move to the South-West. Finally, external mobility aids are also provided to allow employees with a personal professional project to carry it out through specific measures and the support of a specialized firm. The HR teams and managers of the site are mobilized to inform, listen and accompany the employees who will all be individually met by July 30th.

Reinforcement of the Gien site

The Gien site, which produces medicines and oral hygiene products, is the group's main pharmaceutical production site. The arrival of Château-Renard employees will allow the contribution of new skills. Their integration will be facilitated by the proximity of the professions, the implementation of adapted training and by specific mobility aids.

A project whose impact would be positive for the environment

This transfer would also have the advantage of simplifying logistics flows. The bulk of the creams is currently transported from Avène to the Loiret, then the tubes are lowered in Muret (Haute-Garonne) where the group's logistics platform for dermo-cosmetic products is located. As part of the project, the packaging of the tubes would be transferred mainly to the Avène site (Hérault). The project would save more than 1000 tons of freight per year and thus reduce the carbon footprint of the Pierre Fabre group.

A desire to find a new future for the buildings of the Château-Renard site

All opportunities for the conversion of buildings will be studied in connection with the economic and institutional actors of the territory. The buildings are adapted to accommodate different types of industrial or logistical activities. Once the transfer of activities has been completed, the maintenance of the site will continue to be ensured to allow an optimal conversion of the buildings.

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