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Industrial processes

Firmenich: new natural ingredients thanks to a patented extraction technology

Firmenich, specialist in fragrances and flavors, has launched a new range of pure, 100 % natural extracts obtained by a new extraction technology: its Firgood collection. Thanks to a patented process, Firmenich can process biomass never before used in the natural ingredients industry. Within the Naturals Together platform, Firgood extracts complete Firmenich's palette of natural ingredients for perfumery and flavors.

"This cutting-edge technology, which is extremely respectful of the environment, is a revolution for natural ingredients in our industry. It opens up new, hitherto unexplored creative territories.said Gilbert Ghostine, CEO of Firmenich. The development of our new industrial site in our center of excellence for natural ingredients in Grasse reinforces our leadership in natural products."

Firgood technology uses only the water contained in the biomass cells. Once heated by electromagnetic vibration, the water transports the odorant components, delivering the final pure extract.

The result of advances in sustainable extraction, this method is, according to Firmenich, more environmentally friendly than any other. Solvent-free, dry biomasses require only humidification, and the process's low energy consumption is an added advantage. What's more, the waste produced is clean and can easily be recycled, reinforcing the sustainable nature of this extraction method.

"We have successfully expanded from a laboratory and pilot plant to two industrial lines, delivering production capacity ranging from hundreds of kilograms to several tonnes of primary extracts, added Boet Brinkgreve, President of the Ingredients Division. Today, Firgood Pear, Firgood Ginger and Firgood Green Pepper have been added to the Firmenich ingredient palette. In the coming months, we will introduce 10 more ingredients, followed by a series of developments for fragrances and flavors."

These three ingredients enrich Firmenich's palette and contribute to the creation of new natural signatures that meet the expectations of its customers.

Firmenich builds its leadership in natural ingredients on three pillars: sustainable sourcing standards, certified ingredient collections with strong involvement at source, and innovation. Firgood technology supports the group's ambitions and accelerates the transition to ever more renewable carbon.

Firmenich has been a founding member of Grasse Expertise since 2017, the brand of excellence that aims to preserve the unique know-how of the Grasse region in France at every stage of fragrance and flavor production; from flower cultivation and ingredient extraction to scientific research and sourcing.

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