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Saturday December 3rd, 2022
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Plant Advanced Technologies PAT participates in the European research project InnCoCells

Plant Advanced Technologies PAT, a plant biotechnology company in Lorraine, announces its participation in the InnCoCells project, officially launched in May 2021 and coordinated by THE VTT (VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd). This project aims to revolutionize the way scientifically validated cosmetic ingredients are discovered, developed and produced.

A project of European scope

InnCoCells is a four-year collaborative research project that brings together the varied skills and expertise of 17 partners in 11 countries in Europe, composed of academic institutes, SMEs and industrial partners, NGOs and sectoral organizations such as the Cosmetic Valley. The research is funded by the European Commission, with a total budget of €7.9 million. PAT's participation is financed to the tune of €750k for the entire duration of the project.

Pat Group's expertise in sustainable cosmetic ingredients

Pat will put its expertise in aeroponic cultivation, extract production and phytochemistry to the benefit of the development of new cosmetic ingredients thought in a sustainable way.

Its subsidiary Straticell, which specializes in providing in vitro efficacy study services for skin care products, will also be involved in this project.

Meeting the needs and challenges of sustainable cosmetics

The InnCoCells project is part of Horizon 2020, a European funding programme that seeks to develop Europe's competitiveness in research and innovation.

The collaborative project aims to use innovative plant-based production processes that will meet strong requirements in terms of environmental protection and resource saving.

The plants selected for the work, currently threatened with overexploitation, will be grown sustainably and profitably to ensure that the new ingredients do not pose a risk to biodiversity.

This project will allow a commercial exploitation of cosmetic ingredients validated by a scientific approach, using various cultivation techniques according to the expertise of each partner, such as plant biotechnologies, economical industrial processes and knowledge of plants in the case of PAT.

The project explores a responsible consumer-oriented approach to develop cosmetic ingredients adapted to the market and in resonance with the aspirations of preserving the environment.

Staying at the forefront of innovation

For Frédéric Bourgaud, Deputy Ceo of Research: "We are delighted to take part in the InnCoCells project, which promises to be ambitious and rich in innovations. This type of project is an excellent way to interact with leading laboratories in Europe (VTT, Vib, List, Enea, TUDA, ILVO etc.) and to allow our research staff to participate in the latest advances in their fields. »

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