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Industrial processes

Prad among the 3 % most responsible companies according to EcoVadis

Reductions of 30 % in CO2 and energy emissions, 40 % in waste and 50 % in water consumption over the last four years have, in particular, enabled Prad to rank among the top 3 % companies worldwide assessed by EcoVadis.

EcoVadis, "the world's largest CSR policy assessment organization", also recognized Prad's actions in implementing its diversity, equity and inclusion policies. In 2022, Prad has, among other things, focused on raising awareness and preventing harassment, as well as violence against women.

On the strength of this recognition, Prad is stepping up its commitment to CSR and has set itself the target of a dry factory by 2028. From now on, Prad offers its high-end perfume and cosmetics customers the opportunity to work more closely on eco-design, right from the laboratory phase, by integrating virtuous production processes. Prad also advises on production waste management and promotes systematic recyclability.

High-end decoration on glass and aluminum

Prad is an independent French company specializing in the decoration of recyclable glass and aluminum containers. Its customers include Cartier, Chanel, Coach, Diptyque, Jimmy Choo and many other prestigious brands.

Prad masters the following technologies: liquid metallization, lacquering, laser finishing, screen printing, pad printing and hot stamping. Used individually or in combination, they enable a wide range of renderings, nuances, color and/or material effects, and extreme line precision.

The company relies on its new environmentally-friendly equipment, practices and industrial processes, enhanced by the professionalism and dedication of its customer-oriented teams. The company is a member of the Industrie du futur 2.0 program of the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, and participates in the UN Global Compact program.

Prad was founded 50 years ago and has been run by Bruno Pierrain, its CEO and owner since 2016. It is located near Valence and employs 65 people, committed to and driven by the values of respect, solidarity and eco-responsibility. 

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  • PRAD_visual: DR
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