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Prada Soin and Prada Couleur: the luxury brand enters the beauty market

Designed to help skin adapt to the changing environment, the Prada Soin range aims to offer instant and long-lasting care, from cleanser to foundation. The Prada Couleur range offers elegant textures for eyes and lips, and versatile colors inspired by Prada fashion trends.

"Prada presents Prada Soin and Prada Couleur, two iconic ranges that reimagine beauty categories in two dimensions: Prada Soin, for a complete routine from skin care to complexion enhancement, and Prada Couleur, for a multidimensional spectrum of expressions. Developed in tandem, the respective skincare and make-up collections reconcile minimalism and maximalism, sophistication and eccentricity, simplicity and versatility, drawing inspiration from both heritage and technology in formulas and packaging that harmoniously combine luxury and responsibility."the company says.

Sensorial formulations that fuse with the skin are crafted from an airy fragrance created by master perfumer Daniela Andrier, the nose behind Prada's Les Infusions collection. Enhanced by accords of heliotrope vanilla and iris, the brand's emblematic signature, Prada Soin and Prada Couleur formulas are delicately scented to evoke both the purity of nature and the notion of strength and regeneration through technology.

Advanced technologies

The skin's ability to renew, regenerate and strengthen itself is intensified by Prada's Adapto.gn Smart Technology, a multipotent complex that helps the skin adapt to its environment in real time. This precision technology is based on natural active ingredients called adaptogens, a family of 15 rare plants that have been around for over 400 million years and have withstood extreme conditions across geological eras. In synergy with dermocosmetic ingredients such as Pro-Xylane, hyaluronic acid, vitamin CG and ceramides, adaptogens have then been reinvented into a revolutionary skincare technology by Prada.

Prada Couleur is a collection inspired by fashion trends. The lipsticks offer two matte perspectives, recalling the matte lips that have been omnipresent on Prada catwalks since the brand's first ready-to-wear show in 1988. Drawing on Prada's collection archive of no fewer than 27,000 textiles and patterns, the eyeshadow palettes feature an unexpected selection of pigments in dynamic shades.

Prada Couleur is a product of augmented technology. Avant-garde technologies are at the heart of Prada's Smart tech-xtures, designed to offer ultra-flexible, modulable, breathable yet long-lasting wear with a caring effect over time. With a perpetual interplay between physical pigments and digital colors, Prada Couleur offers an experimental spectrum of IRL-URL (phygital) expressions.

At the same time, a virtual make-up trial service (Prada Color Explorer) and an advanced skin diagnosis device (Prada Skin Decoder) complete the brand's offering.

Refillable products

In both categories, effective, skin-friendly formulas are presented in minimalist yet sophisticated packaging that embodies the brand. Developed from the outset with the intention of offering a refillable product, the design establishes itself as a true Prada Beauty experience, reconciling luxury, functionality and responsibility in both intent and execution.

The charging mechanism is streamlined and intuitive to ensure optimum user experience while minimizing environmental impact.

Photo credits:

  • Prada Beauty_23_Augmented Skin_Packshot_MV_Cream_3614273768856: DR
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