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Hydro-alcoholic products, COSMED says stop to fake news!


Fake NEWS N°1

"If the consumer does not find on the label of a hydro-alcoholic product the mention of standard EN 14476, the product is not effective against viruses".

At the beginning of March 2020, faced with the rapid shortage of gels and hydro-alcoholic solutions observed, a decree dated March 13, 2020 introduced exemptions from the European regulations on biocidal products. It has enabled many players to quickly bring hydro-alcoholic gels and solutions to the market, to supply health personnel, professionals and their employees. Pharmacists and the cosmetics industry were called upon urgently.

- The 4 formulas authorized by the decree have been validated by the General Directorate of Health and are exactly the same as the products manufactured according to the biocidal regulation (EU) n ° 528/2012 on which the EN 14476 standard is mentioned.
- Strict and mandatory labeling rules are mentioned in the decree. Therefore, it is forbidden to refer to standard EN 14476 which does not apply to these 4 formulas. The mention which must appear is, depending on the formula, "Hydro-alcoholic solution recommended by the World Health Organization for antisepsis of the hands" or "Hydro-alcoholic gel for antisepsis of the hands - derogatory order" .

Fake NEWS N°2

"On hydro-alcoholic products according to the decree of March 13, there is no mention of the alcoholic degree on the label, which means that they are not disinfectants"

The hydro-alcoholic gels and solutions manufactured in accordance with this derogatory order are disinfectant, bactericidal and virucidal biocides, and not cosmetic products.
Originally, the decree of March 13 did not provide for labeling of the alcoholic strength, but for the sake of consumer information, from May 31, 2020, products must clearly bear the mention of the alcohol percentage ( Judgment of April 17, 2020 - JORF n ° 0097 published on April 21, 2020). A product that displays an alcohol level of 65% v / v minimum is a disinfectant, active on bacteria and viruses.

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