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Monday, November 28, 2022
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PSB has chosen to equip Texen with Roctool technology

Texen and Roctool have entered into a non-exclusive partnership agreement to enrich Texen's industrial offering and support the group's eco-responsible commitment. Now equipped with its first Roctool equipment, Texen supports brands in their ecological transition with new solutions capable of sublimating packaging.   Strongly committed to an ambitious CSR approach, the PSB Group once again strengthens the eco-responsible positioning of its Texen brand through the evolution of its manufacturing processes. Adopting Roctool technology will allow it to reduce the environmental impact of its packaging while respecting the quality and aesthetics expected. In this context, The Roctool technology associated with recycled materials has taken on its full meaning.
This collaboration is the result of a global reflection. Texen and Roctool intend to develop a complementary value proposition in the field of beauty and provide brands with eco-responsible, agile and economical productivity solutions. 

“This agreement marks our desire to accelerate the transformation towards more responsible packaging, and thus to contribute to the environmental transition of the sector, through a robust, credible and attractive technological alternative. Roctool technology promises strong prospects, particularly in reducing the ecological impact of surface treatment and the use of new eco-responsible materials while guaranteeing remarkable surface conditions. This partnership fits perfectly into our mission “Transforming matter into experience in a virtuous way”. We are eager to introduce our customers to the various possibilities available. » Comments Rémi Weidenmann, CEO of PSB. 

The arrival of the first two Roctool systems at the start of 2020 made it possible to start production which perfectly embodies “ecological requirements” and “remarkable surface condition”. Thus the alliance of the two know-how has made it possible to create real added value for both customers and consumers. Next step, the Texen Lab will soon be equipped (end of 2020) with new ultra-compact and high-performance Roctool systems. Thanks to this technology, the Texen Lab strengthens its capacity to approve new materials; it anticipates changes in development and industrial processes towards turnkey solutions. And of course, he actively participates in the ecological transition process for the packaging sector. 

We are proud to see Texen equipped with our technology. Once again, this collaboration is a sign that Roctool Beauty Solution is providing brands and their partners with a concrete response to the transformation of new materials, for an optimized design as well as responsible, not to mention the economic dimension of our process. For our part, we are continuing our research and testing of materials for the future and the use that our technology will bring to the world of beauty ”concludes Mathieu Boulanger, CEO Roctool. 

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