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Tuesday December 6th, 2022
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Quadpack invests in smart manufacturing

Efficiency, high technology and sustainability are at the heart of Quadpack's operational strategy, which has invested four million euros in the goal of providing cosmetics and perfume packaging solutions "in the region and for the region".

Quadpack's plants in Germany and Spain will focus on innovation in Airless and sustainable packaging within its QLine portfolio of intelligent and modular solutions, with products that can be stored, assembled and decorated anywhere in the world.

Quadpack Wood in Spain now has a biomass plant that leads the plant to carbon neutrality - an investment of 2.5 million euros. Using wood waste to provide air conditioning and heating, the new plant provides clean energy, reduces waste and reduces dust in the air, for better health and safety. Thanks to this investment, the plant has already achieved a reduction of about 400 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year.

In addition, 360,000 euros are invested throughout 2021 in Industry 4.0. This is the beginning of a multi-year project that will include more plants and the application of the system. The plant currently has 63 machines connected by Internet of Things (IoT) devices that will provide real-time data, giving process visibility and control of equipment efficiency. With a production capacity of 45 million parts per year, these initiatives set a benchmark for intelligent and sustainable manufacturing.

An investment of 2 million euros is planned this year for high-speed production and decoration at Louvrette, Quadpack's German manufacturing plant. Louvrette is Quadpack's Airless manufacturing hub and is fast becoming a nerve centre for decoration. New decoration and injection moulding equipment will allow it to deliver finished products in an even shorter time. In March, Louvrette inaugurated an Airless assembly line with a capacity of 11 million units per year. The plant is also investing in new Airless moulds, aiming to increase its Airless capacity to 20 million products per year.

Fabrice Revert, COO at Quadpack, said: "Our investment in smart manufacturing will help our operations become more agile and sustainable. We aim to ensure that our processes have a positive impact on the environment, while bringing value to our customers in a process of continuous improvement. »

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