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Quali Glass Coat 2.0, the new decoration process from Stoelzle

Stoelzle Masnieres Parfumerie's new powder paint decoration process for perfumery and cosmetics bottles and jars combines innovation and environmental commitment.
"Over the years, decoration has become an integral part of our business. It allows products to gain in individuality and attractiveness. Our customers are always asking us to be more creative, and Stoelzle Masnieres Decoration already offers a wide range of sophisticated, innovative decorating techniques to enhance existing shapes. It's a great way to develop a product range at low cost. Today, we're going one step further and are proud to have developed Qali Glass Coat 2.0, a new eco-responsible glass powdering technique at our Masnieres Decoration plant" Franck Legrand, Innovation Director.

The use of powder paint offers a range of new decorative effects with very low environmental impact and high mechanical resistance.
This new process makes it possible to develop new colors using powder-coating technology.
Its ecological benefits are exceptional, thanks to the absence of solvents and the low quantity of volatile organic compounds in the entire decorating process.
Recovering and reintegrating the materials produced by over spray into production solves both the problem of emissions and that of waste.

Derived from the metallurgy industry, this new technique offers significant advances from an environmental point of view, as the powders used in this application process comply with the European Council's law of January 27, 2003 on hazardous substances (ROHS). These products do not contain lead, mercury, cadmium or chromium, in compliance with current European directives. This process has already proved its worth in extreme conditions.
In addition to its environmental benefits, this new process gives bottles and jars a magnificent finish:
- perfect coverage on all surfaces
- high resistance to impact and friction
- A wide choice of colors for multiple surfaces.
- Chrome, pearl, glitter and gradient effects, on all or part of the facon or pot, transparent or opaque.
- A wide range of additional customization options

"Thanks to Stölzle Glass Group's investment in research and development and the purchase of high-tech machinery, Stoelzle Masnieres Décoration already has a perfect command of lacquering, screen printing, hot stamping and many other decoration techniques. All this while complying with the Group's CSR policy, since the products used are water-based. We already offer a very wide range of colors. We work with metals such as enamels, semi-precious and even precious metals. We also work semi-automatically, adapting to our customers' needs. Specialists in small quantities at Masnières for the perfume and cosmetics industry, we are also in constant contact with other Group sites for high-volume decoration. Our lacquering and inkjet manager has been working for several years on 3D effects, wood, concrete, soft touch, lenticular effects... the Quali Glass Coat innovation will enable Nicolas Carron, Sales Director, and his teams, to accompany their customers ever further in their quest for creativity and personalization of bottles and jars." Etienne Gruyez, General Manager of Stoelzle Masnieres Parfumerie and Stoelzle Masnieres Décoration.

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