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Tuesday December 6th, 2022
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Reduce sebum on the scalp

Global specialty chemicals company Croda has unveiled the latest innovation in its portfolio of hair care ingredients, Nutrinvent Balance, an innovative encapsulated product that Croda says offers instant sebum reduction benefits on the scalp.

Consumers are looking for solutions to help them change their hair care routines with more convenient and sustainable products. This is especially true for people whose hair greases quickly and who have, in response to this problem, adopted intensive hair washing routines. With growing consumer demand for time-saving solutions, growing awareness of the impact that scalp imbalances can have on hair, and the need to maintain a healthy scalp, it is important to find viable solutions to combat oily scalps without compromising their balance or hair aesthetics.

Nutrinvent Balance uses new encapsulation technology to ensure targeted vectorization and controlled release of active ingredients on the scalp and hair. Being able to be incorporated into a wide variety of hair formulations, Nutrinvent Balance offers, according to Croda, an instant reduction of sebum on the scalp from the first application. Ideal ingredient for consumers prone to an oily scalp, its performance increases with use. Consumers thus have the opportunity to change their usual hair washing routines, with noticeable improvements in the amount of scalp sebum and hair aesthetics that are cleaner and cleaner for longer.

Aude Lemoine-Dessaint, Marketing Manager of Croda's Beauty Effect business unit, said: "Every day at Croda we strive to achieve our goal of delivering 'smart science to improve lives'. Nutrinvent Balance is no exception and helps achieve our goal, providing the effects and convenience that consumers are looking for, while offering lasting benefits – including veganism, naturalness (98% natural derivative according to ISO 16128) and the ability to reduce water consumption during use. »

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