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Regenixir, Silab's innovation rewarded twice!

Silab was doubly honored by receiving two awards in two weeks for its regenerating anti-aging active Regenixir.

This August, Regenixir received two separate awards from the Chinese beauty industry: the Ringier Technology Innovation Award in the Effective Ingredients category and the Icic Award in the Technology Innovation Ingredient category.

For Brigitte Closs-Gonthier, Managing Director of Innovation, they are the result of Silab's innovation strategy and its investment policy (20% of sales are dedicated to R&D each year): " We are delighted to receive these two awards, which highlight the high level of scientific expertise of our product Regenixir. For this biotechnological anti-aging active ingredient, we have acquired new technological expertise through the establishment of partnerships with two prestigious international research laboratories. "

For this innovation, Silab developed a novel modeling study, made possible by the internalization of expertise required to develop innovative vascular and immune cell models. The company has demonstrated for the first time that the interconnectivity of the skin, vascular and immune systems, which is necessary for the skin regeneration process, is weakened during aging. By revitalizing cellular interconnectivity, Regenixir allows for rapid and global regeneration of mature skin.

For Silab, which generates 60% of its sales from exports, this recognition is proof of its ability to offer global solutions that meet the expectations of consumers in the global cosmetics industry.

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