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Thursday, October 6, 2022
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Second edition of the Lipids & Cosmetics scientific congress


Present in New Aquitaine where an office has been opened in 2018, the Competitiveness Hub Cosmetic Valley is co-organizing with the Institut des Corps Gras (Iterg) the second edition of the Lipids-Cosmetics congress to be held on January 29 and 30 in Bordeaux, one of France's most dynamic metropolises. This congress has the support of the New Aquitaine Region, its Development and Innovation Agency (ADI-NA), the University of Bordeaux, the French Society of Cosmetology and the GDR CNRS 3711 Cosm'actives.

Nearly 200 companies in the Beauty sector (ETI and SMEs) are located in the New Aquitaine region, which has a know-how of excellence in the very specific field of lipids, eminently strategic for the cosmetic industry since 70% of the raw materials used in cosmetics are lipids (vegetable oils, acids and fatty alcohols...) or lipid derivatives (emollients, emulsionants) that provide stability , sensoriality and efficiency, while providing an excellent protective barrier for the skin. This know-how is particularly based on the Iterg, Institute of Fat Bodies, based in Canejan near Bordeaux, and has become "the" European reference for the knowledge, analysis and technology of fats. A major issue for the sector, innovation in the field of lipids is at the heart of the Lipids - Cosmetics congress dedicated to the latest research and innovations in the fields of skin physiology, oleo-chemical processes, extraction, purification and analytical techniques as well as new formulation technologies based on raw materials of lipid origin. Around 30 speakers are expected for the second edition of this scientific meeting, which will bring together public and private actors at the international level.

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