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Tuesday October 3, 2023
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Seppic launches two ranges of emollients: EMOSMART and EMOGREEN

On the occasion of the InCosmetics trade show held in Paris from April 12 to 14, Seppic is launching EMOSMART and EMOGREEN, two ranges of emollients for cosmetic applications.
EMOSMART and EMOGREEN are two ranges of easily biodegradable oils (alkanes). Produced by Total Special Fluids using a patented distillation and purification process and marketed by Seppic, both ranges meet the highest purity standards.
Thanks to their inert chemical structure, synthetic EMOSMART and plant-based EMOGREEN are suitable for all types of applications: skin and hair care, make-up, suncare, hygiene, etc. They can be formulated in extreme conditions, in formulations rich in active ingredients, and whatever the pH. Compatible with all types of oils and easy to use, EMOSMART and EMOGREEN cover a wide sensory palette in terms of textures.
In addition to their perfect biodegradability, EMOGREEN products are 100 % biosourced. They are an ideal replacement for silicone oils for consumers looking for naturalness and respect for the environment. The development of these new ranges of ingredients is part of Seppic's long-term responsible approach to meeting the environmental and health requirements of its customers and consumers.

Sabrina Mizaël, Product Manager Emollients & Emulsifiers at Seppic, explains: " With EMOGREEN and EMOSMART, you can imagine beauty products that are more respectful of the environment and offer a unique sensorial experience. "


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