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Seqens Cosmetics launches a new range of ingredients

With over 50 years' experience, Seqens Cosmetics is a European reference for the development of tailor-made ingredients and solutions for the most demanding industries such as cosmetics and perfumery. 

"With our long-standing expertise in the manufacture of key, complex cosmetic ingredients and intermediates, we offer our customers a unique continuum of expertise, accompanying them from the earliest stages of research and development right through to the industrialization of their products".the company says.

Backed by solid organic chemistry skills and specific industrial equipment, Seqens Cosmetics has built up the AdvensCare range, made up of ingredients and intermediates carefully selected for their value in cosmetic formulations and fragrances.

With AdvensCare, Seqens strengthens its support for cosmetics companies in the development and formulation of functional ingredients, actives and fragrances. The AdvensCare range covers a wide range of applications, from preservatives, emollients and emulsifiers to active ingredients, and involves the use of perfectly mastered technologies such as acid chlorides, acids and esters.

All AdvensCare ingredients are manufactured in France at Ecovadis Gold-certified sites, and are available in high levels of purity.

The AdvensCare range is made up of four ingredients: 

  • AdvensCare BZC is a crystalline quaternary ammonium salt, available as a pure, odorless, white to whitish fine powder. Mainly used as a fast-acting preservative in personal care and hygiene products, it is highly effective at low concentrations against a wide variety of micro-organisms. The recommended use rate for AdvensCare BZC in skin care cosmetics is 0.1 % in rinse-off and leave-on products in Europe and China, 0.5 % in the USA, and 0.5 % in rinse-off and 0.2 % in leave-on products in Japan. Soluble in water, alcohols, ketones and glycols, AdvensCare BZC can be easily formulated in solid or liquid form (soaps, shampoos, skin care creams...).
  • AdvensCare UDC is a colorless liquid used as a key raw material for the synthesis of a wide variety of cosmetic ingredients, including anti-dandruffs, anti-statics, emulsifiers, actives; where it is found bound to hydrolyzed collagen, alginate, hydrolyzed corn, soy or wheat protein... Available at a minimum purity of 98 %, AdvensCare UDC is oil-soluble and can easily be used to functionalize water-soluble ingredients (such as amino acids, peptides and proteins) to improve their formulability, skin penetration and bioavailability. 
  • AdvensCare DEA is a colorless liquid used as a masking agent in skincare products and fragrances, reducing or inhibiting base odor, and as an ingredient with a fruity olfactory profile in perfumes. It is also used as an emollient in a variety of skin-conditioning products, acting as a lubricant on the skin's surface, giving the skin a soft, smooth appearance.
  • AdvensCare UDA, a white crystalline powder, is a versatile ingredient with multiple functions for skin care products as a cleansing agent, emulsifier and masking agent. Its fatty acid derivative, ethyl decanoate, obtained by esterification, is used in the flavor and fragrance industry to provide a creamy or coconut scent. 

"Our expertise in the manufacture of specialty ingredients for the cosmetics and perfumery industries extends beyond the AdvensCare range. The main organic synthesis reactions for the cosmetics industry such as esterification, hydrogenation, halogenation, polymerization and alkylation are routinely carried out in our plants and can be made available for the quality manufacture of your strategic ingredients."emphasizes Seqens.

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