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Industrial processes

Socoplan Arcade Beauty optimizes its storage for its 50th anniversary

Ranked among the first employers in its region, Arcade Beauty's French site Socoplan is celebrating its 50th anniversary under the best auspices. Its activity linked to cosmetic samples, in clear progression, is equipped with a new storage warehouse with an additional capacity of 400 m².
Based in Saint-Jean-de-Thouars, the Socoplan site manufactures, prints and packages skincare and make-up samples. Its production lines are dedicated to the group's own product types. Some of them, such as ScentSeal, BeautiSeal, LiquaTouch..., or the BeautiPod, are technologies from the United States. Their relocation in Europe allows Arcade Beauty to produce as close as possible to its markets. Socoplan guarantees a fully integrated production: printing and decoration, manufacturing, in-line filling, microbiological and quality control, delivery of finished products.

A story of bags

Created in 1970 by a pharmacist, Socoplan manufactures its first shower gel samples for the hotel industry. In the early 1980s, the site distinguished itself in various markets. In 1986, after refocusing on the cosmetics sector, Socoplan invented the concept of the press bag. Then the site extends its activity under the aegis of Bioplan, which merges in 2014 with Arcade Marketing to create the Arcade Beauty group. Its turnover is now about 50 million euros for 250 employees. 

50 years of maturity

For its 50th anniversary, Socoplan inaugurates a new 4000 m2 storage area directly connected to the factory. This relocation allows Socoplan to optimize its supply chain by a direct line with the production. A secure sampling area (overpressure, filtered air, etc.) now enables the integrated laboratory to test customers' bulks in real time, from receipt to batch release for delivery of finished products. This new configuration guarantees optimal safety of the manufactured products and reduces the carbon impact thanks to the elimination of inter-site transports that existed before.

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