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Thursday February 9th, 2023
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Solabia buys Seaweed and Sea

Gérard Josset, president of the Solabia group, as he did for its Brazilian units, relies on exceptional sourcing conditions to expand its range of cosmetic ingredients. With its expertise in biotechnologies (fermentation and enzymatic biocatalysis), fine chemistry and plant extraction technologies, the Solabia group has decided to complete its offer by capitalizing on the richness and diversity of algae through the acquisition of the company Algues & Mer created in 1994 and headquartered in Ouessant. Indeed, the island of Ouessant is classified as a biosphere reserve of the Iroise Sea by Unesco and presents a variety of populations of wild or cultivated algae, far from pesticides, heavy metals and pollution.

Since its creation, Algues & Mer has distinguished itself in the development of various active molecules and in particular, fucoidans, sulphated polysaccharides with multiple properties intended for cosmetic, nutritional and pharmaceutical use (ongoing collaboration with Inserm) . With this new acquisition, the Solabia Group intends to develop new sources of inspiration, and of course innovations, by applying all of its know-how to the algal universe which is in full expansion today and thus strengthen its position of a major player in the world of cosmetic ingredients.

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