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Solvay launches new bio-based surfactants for carbon-neutral beauty care products

Mirasoft SL L60 and Mirasoft SL A60, biosourced and biodegradable 100 % surfactants derived from a competitive fermentation process, are intended for a wide range of hair and skin care products.

Solvay, a leading supplier of cosmetic ingredients, launches Mirasoft SL L60 and Mirasoft SL A60, two new biosourced surfactants based on rapeseed oil and sugar that enable the development of eco-responsible beauty care products. These glycolipid biosurfactants have a low carbon and environmental footprint, and are suitable for a wide range of beauty care products such as shampoos, conditioners, shower gels, cleansing gels and face creams.

The launch of Mirasoft is part of the Group's new "Renewable Materials and Biotechnology" growth platform, which aims to expand Solvay's product range of renewable and sustainable raw materials, and to develop new approaches to managing the end-of-life of these products, such as their biodegradability.
" These new products demonstrate our leadership position in surfactant technology and our long-term vision. "explains Jean-Guy Le Helloco, Solvay's Vice President Home and Personal Care. " We focus on technological innovation to help our customers achieve their sustainability goals. "

Mirasoft SL L60 and Mirasoft SL A60 have been designed to offer the same performance as synthetic ingredients, but with limited environmental impact. In fact, these products are biodegradable and entirely derived from natural resources using green chemistry processes. Their production reflects Solvay's commitment to sustainable development and the circular and regenerative economy.

" Biobased surfactants have the potential to be carbon-neutral, and represent a major technological shift in the eco-design of next-generation beauty care products. "adds Galder Cristobal, Solvay's Director of Home and Personal Care Research and Innovation. " The eco-profile of Mirasoft SL L60 and Mirasoft SL A60 is a real step forward compared with traditional surfactants based on fossil resources. "
Beyond the ambitions of its Solvav One Planet plan, which aims to preserve natural resources and provide safer, more sustainable products, Solvay is promoting the Beautv for the Planet initiative to accelerate the adoption of sustainable innovations in beauty, through partnerships with its customers.

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