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Symrise signs the Kyoto perfume for Diptyque

For its 60th anniversary, diptyque proposes to explore the world in order to gather its treasures. A singular cultural journey, faithful to the spirit of the House and the aesthetic vision of its founding designers, in the form of a great limited edition journey. Among the stops it celebrates is the city of Kyoto in Japan, a city of art and history and the birthplace of ikebana. 

More than ten thousand kilometers east of France, Japan was an unknown but dreamy destination for the founding trio of diptych, whose aesthetic was a source of multiple inspiration. Inspired by the codes of ikebana, this age-old floral art that values the vase, stems, leaves and branches as much as the flower itself, perfumer Alexandra Carlin has imagined a fragrance with a subtle balance of incense, rose and vetiver. Draped in the Furoshiki technique with a Sarayi floral printed fabric, the bottle that encloses it is tinted with a color between pink and purple. 

Alexandra Carlin has a literary soul and is fascinated by words. Their evocative power and the emotional charge they carry are in perfect harmony with her vocation as a perfumer. Creating a perfume is like telling a story... Finding the perfect match that will touch the heart of others. His natural artistic sensitivity and imagination are always his source of creativity. A poetic expression, the creations of a great pastry chef or a trip to the other side of the world... With her nose and her imagination always on the alert, Alexandra nourishes her profession with her eclectic influences. 

This perfume is a triptych built by inspiring me of the three pillars of the art of ikebana: earth, heart, sky. At the top, incense, a nod to the scrolls diffused in the temples at the time when ikebana was practiced by priests. Then all in verticality, the essence of Turkish rose pricked with rose oxide brings a raw vegetality. In the background, in the image of the Wabi-Sabi philosophy which advocates the beauty of imperfect things, I worked a note of beet with all its sour, earthy and sweet asperities. A short, readable and uncluttered formula, as is the tradition " Alexandra Carlin.

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