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Thursday, October 6, 2022
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Texen supports its partners in their sustainable innovation approach


In 2021, to meet Chanel's environmental requirements, Texen is adapting its industrial process. The company offers to work with RPET material from the recycling of PET plastic bottles, and provides its agile Smart lines that automate and optimize production.

Thanks to the polycondensation process*, Texen was able to design a new eco-friendly cover for Chanel's Le Lift and Hydra Beauty skincare lines that retains the same mechanical and sensory properties as the original one.

In the global approach shared with its partner to reduce the environmental impact, this hood contains a black dye specifically developed to make the part detectable by optical sorting, thus facilitating its recycling and better managing the life cycle of the product.

The modularity and versatility of the Smart lines ensure Chanel's controlled production. Thus, by managing the entire design, Texen can manufacture the raw material and release a finished and varnished part in less than 20 minutes.

* Polycondensation is a chemical reaction that reconstructs broken molecular chains during the recycling process, allowing them to become polymers again. Polycondensation restores the basic mechanical and chemical characteristics and guarantees the food of the finished product.

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