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Friday August 19th, 2022
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Texen develops compact case for Clarins solar innovation


In its 2019 solar range, Clarins presents a nomadic case for which the brand has sealed a close collaboration with Texen Beauty Partners.
Its tinted formula whose fluid, fine and light texture ensures a dry and velvety finish gives all skin types a luminous and tanned complexion and effectively protects them from the sun and free radicals.
This compact case slips easily into a handbag to ensure touch-ups in all circumstances. Decorated in serigraphy, it contains a mirror in its cover, a tray to collect the formula using a PU sponge. It is injected in ABS to guarantee perfect compatibility with the cream.

A foolproof patent
To meet the brand's expectations of an ultra-protective, easy-to-package and practical pack, Texen Beauty Partners has chosen exclusivity from a Korean industrial partner. It develops a patented airless system that relies on an inverted piston that goes down to distribute the cream, not the other way around. In addition to absolute protection of the product, this system increases the rate of return.
Another subtlety in favour of easier packaging for the brand: the case is delivered in two components, "fillable" by the bottom before slamming the shutter.

 Absolute cleanliness
This case has been designed to ensure a true quality of hygiene:
The label placed on the formula's exit holes ensures its inviolability before the first use.
The formula's distribution platform, smooth and generous, allows for easy and clean grip.

Ensuring optimal hygienic conditions, this pack combines the performance of airtightness, optimal restitution and optimized application, practicality of use in all circumstances thanks to its pocket format (capacity 11.5 ml).


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