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FaiveleyTech and Sulapac: a lasting partnership

FaiveleyTech, a French-born international group specializing in high value-added plastic injection molding, unveils a new marbled finish for cosmetics packaging made from Sulapac biobased materials. This is one of many projects resulting from the collaboration initiated back in 2018 between the two companies.

Environmentally-friendly packaging 

Specializing in plastic injection molding for the industrial, health and beauty sectors, FaiveleyTech has teamed up with Sulapac, a pioneer in materials innovation, to help its customers in the cosmetics sector develop more sustainable packaging. 

Based in Helsinki, Sulapac was founded by scientists in 2016 and has customers in various industries around the world. Its patented innovation, dubbed Sulapac, has received backing from renowned investors such as Chanel and Sky Ocean Ventures. Aesthetic and functional, its bio-based materials have, according to FaiveleyTech, a low carbon footprint and leave behind no permanent microplastics or toxic fillers. 

As a recognized expert in the manufacture of products based on Sulapac materials, the French company is the first supplier to create Sulapac cosmetic packaging with a marbled effect. 

The perfume caps produced in different shades were created using Sulapac Luxe Flex, a highly functional bio-based material designed to replace technical fossil plastics in beauty packaging. Thanks to the transformation process, the pattern is repeatable, but each piece remains unique.

"Sulapac is the first biobased material to meet the functional, aesthetic and quality requirements defined by our operational departments and customers in the beauty sector, says Béryl Tomaschett, Sales Manager at FaiveleyTech Orgelet. The fact that we've demonstrated that we can achieve this superb marbled effect as well as high thicknesses opens up even more possibilities for brands to use Sulapac in place of conventional plastics."

A joint quest for excellence 

Manufacturing Sulapac lids for part of Chanel's N°1 range of beauty products, FaiveleyTech and Sulapac have also collaborated to produce caps for Shiseido's entire Ulé line, as well as perfume stoppers for Chanel Les Eaux 125 ml bottles.

"We are grateful for our collaboration with FaiveleyTech. They have demonstrated an unwavering commitment to advancing the industry towards a cleaner future by introducing Sulapac to their customers and investing in joint product development. "says Colin Strobant, Sales Director, Cosmetics at Sulapac.

FaiveleyTech has gained experience with nine different grades of Sulapac material, including Sulapac Premium with large wood chips, Sulapac Barrier used for parts in contact with the formula, Sulapac Solid with its ceramic appearance, as well as the specific recipe developed to incorporate plant waste into the formulation. Over 100 tonnes of Sulapac materials have already been processed by FaiveleyTech.

United by the pursuit of excellence, the two companies continue to serve some of the industry's most iconic luxury brands. The next launches will be unveiled at the end of the year.

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