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Thursday October 5, 2023
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The Evoclassic by Aptar pump on Neopac tube adopted by Uriage

Aptar Beauty + Home, the world leader in distribution systems for the cosmetics industry, is now offering an innovative solution to protect the most delicate formulas in a practical and lightweight packaging. Age Protect Instant Multi-correction Filler-Care is the first Uriage skin care product to benefit from a skin care pump on tube, developed by Aptar in partnership with Neopac.
This mobile packaging, very popular with consumers, preserves the formula and ensures ultra-precise dosage.

An ultra precise airless skincare solution

The Evoclassic by Aptar pump combined with the Neopac tube offers Uriage an airless packaging solution with multiple benefits: a considerably easier dosage compared to a classic tube, a protection of the formula against external agents thus limiting the number of preservatives present in the composition of the care product and a barrier against drying or oxidation of the formula, thus preserving its effectiveness.
The result is a practical, clean and hygienic product that works 360°, regardless of its position. Ideal for touch-ups throughout the day without denaturing the formula and without any mess.

A high performance tube 

Its "Polyfoil" tube, developed by the tube maker NEOPAC, contains an aluminum layer that also protects the formula from light, air, water vapor and substance migration.
It also has a non-stick inner layer that makes it easy to remove the last remaining product without leaving any in the tube.

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