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Saturday September 30, 2023
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Silab group invests in the care of fragile skin

The mission of the new Silab softcare department is to research, produce and market innovative natural active ingredients, specially designed to respond to dermatological disorders by restoring the homeostasis of healthy skin.

A pioneer in the engineering of natural cosmetic active ingredients, Silab now addresses the dermocosmetic and dermatological markets. Silab softcare draws on the expertise, capacity for innovation and responsiveness of the Silab organization to extend the skills developed for healthy skin to the problems of fragile skin.

For over 5 years, a team of multi-disciplinary researchers, including molecular biologists, bioinformaticians, clinical experts and process engineers, has been deploying the latest tools and advanced technologies from the healthcare sector to gain a deeper understanding of skin eco-systems. It has designed an original scientific research program, based on modelling in vitro and in vivo validated by the international dermatological community, to offer a product in powder form without preservatives, based on three principles of excellence: efficacy, safety and naturalness.

silab-softcare-3The first phase of Silab softcare's development has resulted in the launch of Ad-Resyl, a patented natural active ingredient designed to improve the comfort and resilience of atopic skin. This product prevents the clinical signs of atopic dermatitis by prolonging periods of remission in place of corticosteroid therapy. Tested on cohorts of Caucasian and Asian subjects, children and/or adults, Ad-Resyl meets the many requirements of patients seeking care and comfort to restore their skin's health: clinically proven efficacy, optimal skin tolerance, controlled natural raw materials.

" Silab is an independent French group with a long-term strategy of organic growth. Our innovation in the beauty care of healthy skin has been recognized worldwide for 30 years, and our expertise in cutaneous biology has led us to naturally broaden our field of research to include fragile skin. The ambitions of this new department are numerous, and other research projects have already been launched (acne, scarring, etc.). "says Brigitte Closs-Gonthier, Executive Vice President, Research, Silab.

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