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The winners of the in-Cosmetics Global Awards 2024 are announced

The winners of the in-Cosmetics Global Awards 2024 were revealed on Tuesday April 16. The 40-member jury selected 21 winners from 83 finalists.

Prize for the best ingredient in the innovation zone

Raw materials and ingredients manufacturer dsm-firmenich has won gold for the Innovation Zone's Best Ingredient Award in the Active Ingredients category for its Eterwell Youth product, a senolytic active made from an extract of Epilobium Fleischeri leaf/stem. The ingredient stimulates collagen, helps reverse skin damage induced by excess zombie cells, and helps slow premature skin aging, among other benefits.

Cosmetic ingredients supplier Mibelle Biochemistry won the Silver award for RejuveNAD, an active ingredient that optimizes cellular functions to revitalize skin by naturally stimulating the longevity molecule, NAD+. Codif TN received the Bronze award for its Regetaste, which reinforces the skin's barrier function, reducing desquamation and leaving skin smoother, softer, fresher and more radiant.

In the functional ingredients category, Evonik, a supplier of specialty chemicals, won first prize for its Ecohance Remo XP, a versatile, mild ingredient that acts as a rheology modifier, hydrophilic emollient and sensory enhancer. This functional ingredient can be used in a wide range of personal care applications.

Silver was won by Galaxy Surfactants Ltd, India's leading manufacturer of surfactants and specialty skincare ingredients, for its Galseer DermaGreen natural dermal cleanser.

Lubrizol Life Science, a leading partner in product design, development and manufacturing, won the bronze award for Carbopol Fusion S-20 polymer, its natural and inherently biodegradable rheology modifier for cleaning systems.

Green ingredient price

The 2024 Gold Award for Green Ingredient went to Boreal Bioproducts' SpruceSugar ingredient, a biodegradable agent that forms a protective film against grease, an anionic surfactant and a low-viscosity modifier.

Ashland won silver for its Perfectyl biofunctional, a high-tech chamomile extract, inspired by new aesthetic techniques, to clarify and smooth skin blemishes for all ethnic groups. LignoGuard(R) Aqua 20 from Lignovations, an ecological multifunctional based on recycled lignin, won the bronze award.

Kenvue Trusted Science Award

The Kenvue Trusted Science Award recognizes innovative and effective modern ingredients that consumers can rely on for their daily skincare needs. 

Basf won the gold award for its Hydrasensyl Glucan Green, a bioferment that offers skin-smoothing and moisturizing benefits, both immediately and over time.

Tego Filmstar One MB from Evonik Industries won the silver award for its biosourced and biodegradable 100 % film-forming product. Immunight from Lucas Meyer Cosmetics won the bronze award for its ecologically processed oil-soluble lavandin extract, which helps stimulate skin recovery overnight.

Rising star" award

The Rising Star Award recognizes new talent and first- and second-year exhibitors at the show. Kaffe Bueno and Skinosive are the winners of this award. Kaffe Bueno is a Danish start-up specializing in the recycling of coffee by-products. Skinosive is a scientific dermo-cosmetic biotechnology company developing a technological platform for skin photoprotection.

Make-up bar and sensory bar prices

In the Make-Up Bar Award category, the gold prize went to the international manufacturer of pearlescent and metallic effect pigments, Eckart GmbH, for its Trend Colors Autumn & Winter 2025/26. Silver went to Imerys Talc Europe for its Matte lipstick ceremony, a lipstick enriched with ImerCare 400D (Inci : Diatomaceous earth), which gives lips a matte finish while retaining a creamy effect. Nikko Chemicals, a global supplier of ingredients for cosmetics, won the bronze award for Rei-Sei-Bi - Cold Process Beauty. 

In the Sensory Bar Award category, the gold medal went to ingredient distributor and manufacturer Microcaps AG, for its natural, ethanol-free perfume pearls. Univar Solutions, a global distributor of chemicals and ingredients, won silver for its Lavish Lavender Oil-free Massage Gel. Cosmetics manufacturer Technature was awarded bronze for its latest innovation, SkinSitu Caps, a small tablet that transforms into a cleansing foam as soon as it encounters water. 

Sustainable stand award

A new prize - the Sustainable Stand Award - recognized exhibitors who had actively implemented eco-conscious measures in the design and construction of their stands. 

Gold was awarded to Ravetllat Aromatics S.L., which took into account its sustainability credentials and measures, from waste reduction and recycling to material reuse, heritage, CO2 emissions and much more.

The in-Cosmetics Gobal trade show was held in Paris from April 16 to 18, 2024.

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