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Thursday, October 6, 2022
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Topline Products develops a special tool for a new Clarins


After the success of the Lips Beautification in 2007, that of the Joli Rouge in 2015, Clarins presents today its Eclat Minute, a lip-fixing base. Both care and make-up, this base enriched with micro-pearls of acacia and vegetable waxes, displays 3 promises: fixing lipstick, smoothing and nourishing the lips. Clarins continues its collaboration with Topline Products by Texen, for a stick slim.

Equipped with a stick mechanism, the pack of this new product justified for Topline Products the development of specific tools. Its white laquising base recalls the pure hue of the grapes.
The product name and net are printed with Clarins red, in hot marking. The bevelled hood and chimney are treated by anodization in a blond gold hue. The closure is done by clip.
Grape diameter 9 mm, capacity: 1.8 g.

And to support the launch, the sales product is accompanied by its mini, almost declined identically.

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