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Tuesday December 6th, 2022
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Third edition of the CO Congress. me. T on "Safety and Effectiveness of Cosmetics"

The COsmetic, MEasurement - Testing conference will present the latest innovations in the fields of instrumentation and testing.

Exceptional tools of scientific communication and training, the Cosmetic Valley congresses address the major challenges that the French cosmetics industry must meet today to consolidate its global leadership. Among them: the safety and effectiveness of cosmetic products, the flagship values of Made in France, which must be certified by testing laboratories before any market. The development of new high-performance testing tools is becoming an innovation issue in this regard. The aim is to offer new control tools, from the ingredient to the finished product, to increase and certify the quality and performance of the cosmetics of tomorrow. More than 200 researchers, test and measurement specialists and cosmetics professionals are expected on 6 and 7 February in Cergy for the 3rd edition of the CO congress. me. T co-organized by the Cosmetic Valley Competitiveness Hub and the University of Cergy-Pontoise. Supported by the cerse of Cergy-Pontoise and the Val d'Oise department, the congress will unveil the latest innovations in the fields of instrumentation and testing. Plenary communications and experimental demonstrations will explore new solutions, sources of innovation and development of the players in both sectors: measurement - lescosmetics. In addition to disseminating knowledge about cosmetic tests and measurements and their interactions with the skin, this event will present development perspectives related to in-vitro, ex-vivo, and in-vivo testing and the development of new products.

2019 edition: 2 days of conferences, 3 topical topics

The symposium takes place over two days. This year it is dedicated to the latest scientific results, methodological, technological and application advances based on multi-physical (photonic, electromagnetic, mechanical) and multi-scale tests (from molecule to product sensoriality) seen in a continuum of tests: from ingredients to personalization for consumers. The main innovations presented in this 2019 edition aim to explore the impact, efficiency and sustainability around three major topical themes:

  • Ingredient control for the finished product: explore the latest tools to qualify from the initial supply of raw materials to the use by consumers, the purity of a product, its traceability and efficiency,
  • The study of environmental-product-skin interactions: several approaches and models of ex-vivo and synthetic skin are proposed with a dual objective of product efficiency and protection of the skin from environmental pollution,
  • The measurement of sensoriality: optimizing a product from a sensory point of view is all the more crucial as it conditions consumer behaviour. The physical, chemical, and biological factors involved in the perception of a product are even different. The last methods for identifying them and then qualifying the associated perception will be presented.

A scientific committee that guarantees the level of innovation
In close partnership with the prestigious IEEE consortium, the event was prepared by a scientific committee made up of experts from the fields of cosmetics and testing and measurements, as well as scientists from academic research organizations.

Patrick Beau/Spincontrol, Michel Boissière/U-Cergy, Hubert Chevreau/Soleil, Vincent Couderc/Xlim, Philippe Delay/Soleil, Carole Deumie/Institut Fresnel, Florent Deux/Polytec, Georges Favre/LNE, Florian Formanek/Horiba, Soline Godet/Cosmetic Valley, Amandine Goubert/Cosmetic Valley, Bérangère Granger/Sisley, Michel Grisel/University of Le Havre, Pierre-Yves Joubert/C2N-U Elian Lati/Bio Ec, Anne-Marie Pense-Lhéritier/EBI, Christophe Masson/Cosmetic Valley, Rime Michael-Jubeli/Université Paris-South, Annamaria Papini/LCB-U Cergy, Jean-Christophe Pittet/DIIP- Orion Concept, Thomas Rico Measurement Network-NIR, Olivier Romain/U Cergy, Stéphane Serfaty/SATIE- U Cergy, Andrew Thompson/Soleil, Kattel Vie/Clarins, Henri Walaszek/Cetim, Nicolas Wilkie-Chancellor/SATIE-U Cergy.

6 plenary lectures, 20 speakers and 30 posters
The conference brings together the most recognized experts in measurement and cosmetics, including six speakers who will speak on major topics at plenary sessions. The call for communication launched ahead of the conference led to the choice of the 20 oral papers of the congress.

Guest speakers for plenary sessions

  • From raw materials to finished products
    Jean-Marie DEVOISSELLE, University of Montpellier Céline LAPERDRIX, Yves Rocher
  • Skin products-Environment interactions
    Ali TFAYLI, Faculty of Pharmacy Paris Sud, Gael OBEIN, Conservatory of Arts and Crafts
  • Instrumentation and sensory evaluation
    Patricia Maria BERARDO GONÇALVEZ MAIA CAMPOS, University of Sao Paulo Muhammad ALI IMRAN, University of Glasgow

Four prizes will be awarded to the 30 posters proposed for the congress
Young Researcher Award presented by the Val d'Oise Departmental Council (1000 euros)
Award for the best innovation awarded by the Cergy-Pontoise Community of Aglomeration (1000 euros)
Sisley's University Research Award (€1000)
Special Jury Prize awarded by the University of Cergy-Pontoise and Cosmetic Valley (1000 euros)

Location: Saint Christophe Campus - 10 Avenue de l'Enterprise, 95800, CERGY (VAL D'OISE)

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