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Two new Eri 360°-labeled ingredients for Gattefossé

In 2021, the Gattefossé group will label three key active ingredients in its cosmetics portfolio, Gatuline Link n Lift, Gatuline Renew and EnergiNius under the Eri 360° label. To build on this momentum, the company has announced the labeling of two new major cosmetic ingredients: Gatuline RC Bio and EleVastin.

And this time, all at Silver level!

Eri 360°: more than just a label

A natural extract of beech buds, this active ingredient is a veritable elixir of youth, responding to the skin's natural needs. Moisturized, energized and smoothed, skin radiates beauty and health. Beech buds are harvested in France, in areas close to the Gattefossé group's production site in Saint-Priest. A proximity that considerably reduces the carbon footprint associated with transport. The entirely manual harvest, certified organic, is a guarantee of quality with regard to the preserving biodiversity, flora and resources. Such is the case with water. Beech trees are not irrigated, and the buds, frozen directly on site to avoid enzymatic degradation, do not need to be washed. It's important to note that buds are harvested in limited quantities, from low branches, in order to avoid any damage to the tree's future development. This plant active ingredient is also obtained through a global production process that does not use no chemical solvents, from harvesting the buds to obtaining the final extract. The ingredient is Cosmos certified and displays a natural content of 96.8% according to Iso 16128.

The strengths that make EleVastin stand out

This active ingredient is the targeted solution for boosting the skin's elastic capital and combating sagging. It is derived from the leafy stems of the Murraya koenigii. In association with a long-standing local partner, the stems are hand-harvested in the protected environment of Reunion Island, on managed plots of land. no-input (without fertilizers or pesticides). A perfect traceability is guaranteed from the tree to the Gattefossé laboratories. Cultivation requires no irrigation given the island's water-rich climate. Leaves from branches cut off during pruning operations are also recovered. This makes it possible to minimize waste and have a beneficial effect on tree growth.

This active ingredient is obtained using a LTTM (Low Transition Temperature Mixture) blend of plant-derived solvents and a NaDes extraction process. The ingredient is approved Cosmos and displays a natural content of 100% according to Iso 16128.

Sustainability of raw materials, a genuine eco-responsible development strategy for the Gattefossé Group

"Our responsible and sustainable development strategy, at the heart of our CSR roadmap, starts right from the development of our ingredients. We see the ERI 360° label as a key tool for our R&D teams to optimize the sourcing of our raw materials, to integrate eco-design principles into every stage of cosmetics product development, and to manage their implementation right through to production. Biodegradability, upcycling, resource management, eco-designed packaging, etc. are all criteria we aim to constantly improve for our future developments. A commitment we share with all our customers.

We will therefore pursue Eri 360° certification for other products in our current portfolio and for future developments. explains Paula Lennon, Group Cosmetics Director.

"Gattefossé has always integrated environmental and human aspects into its entire value chain. It is this reasoned approach to our activities that we continue to develop today, as it is a powerful lever for innovation and performance for our group. Eri 360° fits in perfectly with our corporate project, Gatt'Up&Act, as it enables us to reinforce the sustainability of our ingredients, by assessing all the impacts of our production, and giving us ways of minimizing them.

This year's results are the fruit of a genuine commitment on the part of all our teams (R&D, purchasing, sourcing, production, HSE, etc.), as well as our stakeholders, who support us in this responsible approach." explains Laurent Schubnel, Group CSR Manager.

Eri360, Gattefossé ingredients awarded bronze and silver labels

Bronze: EnergiNius

Silver: Gatuline Renew, Gatuline Link n Lift, Gatuline RC Bio, EleVastin

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