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Saturday December 3rd, 2022
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A new refill bottle

There are few refill bottles on the market. Created by Pinard Beauty Pack, a bottle manufacturer that recently received an EcoVadis Platinum Medal, the Pin Pack is positioned at the consumer experience level between the Doypack and the Berlingot, while offering 100% recyclable packaging.

The genesis of the Pin Pack: highlight a unique industrial know-how by offering the possibility of creating bottles with ultra-thin walls, demonstrating the main strength of plastic: its weight/resistance ratio.

"The entire life cycle of the Pin Pack has been thought out and designed to minimize its environmental impact. This product had to have a strong and singular design in order to highlight all its eco-design qualities,"says the company.

The shape of the Pin Pack is above all the choice of an optimized design with an industrial and modern style that highlights the functionality of the product.

Its unique design differentiates it from other products on the market. It breaks with traditional cosmetic bottles, but recognizable enough to promote its refill functionality to the consumer.

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