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Tuesday December 6th, 2022
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A Sulapac bio-based material for the new caps of Chanel's Les eaux bottles

It all started with a desire. In 2018, Les eaux de Chanel introduced a new olfactory universe into the perfumes of the house: a singular collection, inspired by Mademoiselle Coco Chanel's favorite places, nourished by the imagination and composed around freshness.

Consistently, chanel's Les eaux perfume bottles have been designed with sustainability in mind. Its glass vials are thinner and lighter1, which means a smaller volume of raw materials and optimized transport, and the usually hidden corrugated cardboard has been transformed into a clean and simple outer packaging whose absence of lamination or glossy coating makes it easier to recycle.

Since 2021, all 125 ml bottles in the Les eaux de Chanel collection are topped with a bio-based cap2,which Chanel has developed in partnership with Sulapac. For two years, Chanel's teams worked hand in hand with the Finnish startup to create a new cap composed of three layers, made from 91% bio-based materials obtained from renewable resources and3 FSC certified wood chips (by-products of industrial secondary flows).

In accordance with Chanel's rigorous standards, every detail has been carefully studied, including the sensory nature of the material, its resistance to temperature fluctuations, the unique sound the bottle emits when the cap is put in place, the grip and depth of the satin matte finish of the iconic engraving of the double C. No less than 48 tests were necessary to arrive at the final product. This project is part of a long-term collaborative approach that places sustainability at the centre of Chanel's research and development.

Luxury standards show the way

Sulapac was pleased to welcome Chanel, a leading brand representing the most demanding luxury segment, among its first investors in 2018.

"Chanel is one of the forerunners of the luxury industry, as its teams want to invest in the latest sustainable innovations in materials and technologies. We have set a very high quality standard for our sustainable material, with the ambition to replace conventional plastics,"said Suvi Haimi, CEO and co-founder of Sulapac, at the announcement in 2018.

Today, Suvi Haimi said: "This first product launch of our collaboration with Chanel, Chanel's Les eaux bio-based cap made with Sulapac material, is an important milestone for us. It proves that Sulapac meets the highest quality standards. »

1 Compared to other Chanel Eaux de Toilette of the same size.
2 Made from materials of plant origin.
3 Wood from responsibly managed FSC certified forests and other cont
controlled sources.

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