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Friday August 19th, 2022
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An app to discover the trades of perfumery-cosmetic


The perfume-cosmetics sector is booming and is recruiting and offering many job opportunities: 15,000 employees were hired in 2017… 50,000 jobs must be created by 2030! The variety of trades in this sector is however sometimes unrecognized, particularly in the industrial field: production, manufacturing, quality, patents, chemistry, digital ...

Cosmetic Valley has therefore decided to reach out to middle school students, high school students, students and young adults and offer them a mobile application that will allow them to discover the professions of perfumery and cosmetics in a fun way around a booklet. augmented, a website and various multimedia tools.

Consisting of an augmented booklet, a mobile application and an information platform on the internet, Cosmetic Experience aims to introduce perfumery-cosmetics, through games and with humor to middle school students, high school students and young adults in research. employment or training. The idea is to make young people slide into the world of perfumery and cosmetics and allow them to discover this innovative industry and its professions through play and pedagogy: learn and understand while having fun with the key: challenges, figures, success stories, flagship products, discovery of the value chain, from product design to points of sale.

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