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Thursday, September 29, 2022
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Wonnda opens its smart manufacturing platform to enable anyone to launch their own Beauty and Health products "Made in Europe"


After months of working in the background, Wonnda, a Berlin-based start-up founded in January 2022 by Martin Ditzel and Oliver Allmoslechner, invites users to join the beta version of the platform. Influencers, start-ups, entrepreneurs and direct-to-consumer (D2C) brands will be able to easily source and launch their next successful products thanks to our community of European manufacturers.
Wonnda is a digital sourcing tool that helps you find the ideal partner for your project, such as manufacturers, wholesalers, private labels and white labels.
You have an idea for a beauty and/or health product: from beauty supplements to lotions, hair/eye/facial care, or others, and want to find the right partner for this product – on wonnda, it works "out of the box"!
We can also advise you on the product that you can launch easily and with little effort, with more than 100 ideas of consumer products for food and drink.
Wonnda takes on the role of central hub for ordering samples, organizing projects and monitoring the production process, thanks to its "project management" function. Finally, thanks to wonnda, you can find European manufacturers, white labels or private labels carefully selected and with certifications, ranging from organic to vegan, for small and large orders. The platform is free!

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