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Thursday October 5, 2023
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Zanthocare by Crodarom, to balance, protect and soothe the body's skin

Physical and mental well-being are at the heart of many of our concerns. The pressure to look good remains and has a strong impact on self-confidence. It is essential for consumers to accept their bodies and regain their self-esteem. This personal approach has rapidly developed into a worldwide movement: Body Positive. It invites us to transform our perception of ourselves and accept ourselves as we are. A new wave of holistic, honest and inclusive cosmetics is coming onto the market to challenge society's taboos. The skin on our bodies has the same needs as the skin on our faces. The "skinification" of body products seems to give it the same attention as our face. It's all about giving consumers the desire to take care of their bodies, and providing solutions to real problems (bad odors, dryness, irritation, hyperpigmentation, etc.). Body care beauty routines need to be improved and offer multi-functional, high-quality, high-performance ingredients that respect the skin microbiome.

Sichuan berry is the ideal ingredient for a complete body care treatment. Commonly used as a condiment in haute cuisine, this small berry endemic to China's Sichuan province belongs to the citrus botanical family. This multi-functional, universal and gender-neutral ingredient is proven to balance, protect and soothe, while respecting the skin's microbiome.

Zanthocare is an extract of the Sichuan berry, Zantoxylum bungeanum, in vegetable propylene glycol and water. The berries come from China. A 100% extract of natural origin according to Iso16128, preservative-free, Cosmos-approved, quantified in Xanthoxyline.

Active molecules / Associated properties :

  • Phenolic compounds (Xanthoxyline): Soothing, antioxidant,
  • Fatty acids: Lipase inhibitor, emollient, regenerating, smoothing
  • Organic acids: Antibacterial, astringent
  • Carbohydrates: Moisturizing, energizing
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