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Saturday September 30, 2023
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Alliora reviews its business model

Recognized on the market for the premium manufacture of 100 % cardboard boxes made in France, Alliora is entering a necessary stage of reorganization of its activity.

At the end of 2017, Alliora Coffrets, now called Alliora, became part of the GPack Group, which has been pursuing a development strategy in Europe for several years.
Alliora is recognized by the major beauty and wine and spirits brands for its industrial expertise. However, the company responds to a highly competitive market in which it must be a leader.
Faced with a production made cyclical by the movement of promotional campaigns, the company must inevitably reduce its fixed costs and gain in productivity.

A new organizational project

As part of the GPack buyout, a €7 million recapitalization of Alliora was completed in November 2017. At the same time, a first unprecedented investment phase of €1.9 million was also carried out. Four latest-generation Emmeci machines will be installed as of April to replace older models. At the same time, specific cutting equipment dedicated to the manufacture of right-angle boxes will be added to the machine park at the Fougères site. This new equipment, combined with the reorganization of the assembly workshop, will increase the rate and quality of production. Alliora is reproducing a model that has been successfully tested in Italy within the Gpack group.
In order to achieve this strategy, Alliora's management has launched the information-consultation and negotiation process with the staff representatives concerning this reorganization project, as well as the implementation of a job protection plan. Aware of the social and human difficulties that this situation generates, Alliora favors exchange so that the change takes place in the best conditions.

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