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Monday February 6th, 2023
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Alpol Cosmetic expands

To be ever more innovative and efficient, Alpol Cosmétique has grown and acquired new equipment. This is a major expansion: 900 m² and 11 lines of which now dedicated to primary packaging (bottles, jars and tubes, etc.), 450 m² and 6 lines are for their part dedicated to secondary packaging (case and cellophaning)dedicated to secondary packaging (case and wrapping). This represents an increase of + 50% in the surface area devoted to packaging.

In addition, the company has acquired new machines for its automatic jar filling line: on the same line, the jars are now filled, heat-sealed and closed in series.Boxing and wrapping are also done online.

In addition, the Alpol Cosmétique plant will soon welcome a new 1500 L vacuum mixer as well as a new bottle and jar filling line (1st half of 2020).


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