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Thursday October 5, 2023
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Altus Coating: Renewal of the Ecovadis Platinum Medal in 2022

For the second year in a row, Altus Coating confirms its place in the world's TOP 1 % in its professional category among the best performing companies in terms of CSR, as assessed by ECOVADIS. 

Its overall score in 2022 will be 81 % compared to 76 % obtained in 2021, a real and serious improvement, even though the environmental, social, human rights and ethical award criteria have been further strengthened.

"For Altus Coating, the Ecovadis assessment, originally conducted at the request of a major international client, has enabled us to move beyond a French assessment and aim for certification with international resonance. The annual review and the progress recorded (2019, Silver, 2020, Gold, 2021 Platinum, 2022 Platinum) are a great driving force for the Altus Coating team. They encourage us to pursue the continuous improvement approach we have set for ourselves with regard to our stakeholders, based on a dual commitment: CSR and innovation go hand in hand. Eric Pertus, CEO - Altus Coating 

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