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Angelini Beauty and Chiara Ferragni announce licensing agreement for fragrance line

Angelini Beauty S.p.A., an entity of Angelini Industries and an international leader in the perfumery, skincare and suncare sectors, and Chiara Ferragni, a lifestyle brand, announce the signing of an exclusive worldwide licensing agreement for the production, distribution and promotion of the first fragrance line of its eponymous brand. The first Chiara Ferragni fragrance will be launched in 2023.

"We are very proud to announce our collaboration with Chiara Ferragni, a digital entrepreneur who has skillfully combined her unique style with an innovative entrepreneurial approach over the past few years. Angelini Beauty has always been firmly rooted in its core values of ethics and responsibility, and is strongly committed to issues of ecological and social sustainable innovation. The meeting between our DNA and Chiara Ferragni's ability to interpret the desires of the digital natives has become the basis of this new project in favor of a future placed under the sign of inclusion, uniqueness and freedom of self-determination of each person. The agreement, which marks Chiara Ferragni's debut in the perfumery sector, underlines Angelini Beauty's ability as an industrial partner to interpret the expression and personality of the brands it produces, also taking advantage of its experience in positioning and selective distribution of products in international markets. By creating an offer aimed at new generations, Angelini Beauty and Chiara Ferragni confirm that they are the expression of an avant-garde system that allows the Italian essence and spirit to enter new worlds and the future, says Lluís Plà Fernandez-Villacañas, president and CEO of Angelini Beauty S.p.A.

"I am very proud of this agreement because it completes the beauty offer of the Chiara Ferragni brandsaid Chiara Ferragni. The world of fragrance is an additional opportunity for brand growth and the ultimate element for creating a lifestyle brand."

Photo: Lluís Plà Fernandez-Villacañas and Chiara Ferragni

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